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  • 100 Character cards
  • 100 Event cards
  • 20 second timer
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first player to collect five Event cards by winning debates about which famous person would win a randomly chosen event.


Shuffle the Character and Event decks separately and place them within easy reach of all players. Select a timekeeper to manage the 20 second timer.

Game Play

Play begins with the player to the left of the timekeeper and proceeds clockwise. On your first turn, your opponent will be the player to your left. On your next turn, it will be the player two spots to your left.

On the third turn, you will debate with the player three spots to your left and so on.

On your turn:

  1. Choose an opponent and then each of you draws a card from the Character deck for everyone to see.

  2. Turn an Event card face up into the center of the playing area.

  3. The timekeeper turns the sand timer. You then get 20 seconds to make a case for why your character would win the event.

  4. Your opponent gets 20 seconds to make their case.

  5. You may make a BRIEF rebuttal (five seconds).

  6. The timekeeper asks the rest of the players: Who...Would...Win?!

  7. Those players, including timekeeper, point at the player they think made the best argument.

  8. The player who gets the most votes wins the Event card. Ties mean nobody wins.

  9. Put the revealed cards in respective discard piles (reshuffling as necessary).

Debate Notes And Tips

★ It is up to the players to frame their arguments as they like.

★ Make your argument fun. People are more likely to vote your way if they laugh.

★ If you run out of steam (20 seconds can sometimes feel like a long time) just repeat your main point once and try to end on a high note.

★ The players serving as the jury should judge which argument they liked best, not on the contest itself.

★ Warning: It may be unwise to argue or vote against your spouse, the host, or your ride home.

★ Disputed call? If you have any questions not covered in these rules, vote on it with the timekeeper having the tiebreaker.

End of the Game

Play rounds, until one player has collected five Event cards.


  • Team Play:

    You can allow two or more players to play as a team by substituting the word "team" for "player" in these rules.

    They can take turns, talk over each other or tag team however they like. It is a good idea for teammates to sit together.

  • Shorter Play:

    If you have exactly four players or more than eight players, you might shorten the game to be the first player to win four Event cards.

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