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  • 38 Plasticised 'Face Cards'
  • 2 Double-sided Face 'Check Paddles'
  • 1 Giant 'Honker' Nose Squeaker
  • 1 Setup card
  • Rules card


Put the giant Honker where everyone can reach it. Shuffle the Face Cards and place them face-down in a pile next to the Honker.

Also make sure everyone can reach the Check Paddles; the blue/green one shows the male Face Cards and the pink/yellow one shows the female Face Cards.

Now it's fine to pick a face and pul it in place!

Without looking at the face, each player takes a Face Card from the pile and pushes it onto their nose...

If you can see everyone's Face Card except your own, you're ready to start...

Object of the Game

Prove you know whose face you show! Ask yes/no questions to try and figure out which Face Card you're wearing, while avoiding the Honker by only getting yesses... The first player to guess 3 Face Cards correctly is the winner!


The oldest player goes first and play continues clockwise;

On your turn, to help you figure out whose face you're wearing, ask a question that the other players can answer with only a yes or no. For example; "Am I a man?' or 'Am I wearing lipstick?-' You can also use the paddles to eliminate faces by asking "Am I on the yellow paddle?'

If the answer to your question is "yes" then you get to ask another question, but if it is a "no" then your opponents honk the Honker and your turn is over. Good luck trying to remember everything you already learned for your next turn!

... When you think you know which face you're wearing, use your turn to take a guess... If you're wrong, you get honked and your turn is over. If you're right, take off that Face Card and place it face-down in front of you.

Then put on a new Face Card from the pile.

The Chimp Face Cards

A chimp isn't a man. It isn't a woman. It's not on the paddles. And if you guess it right, it gets shuffled back into the Face Card pile, and you get nothing but laughs!

End of the Game

The first player to score 3 cards wins!

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