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How would you react if you:

  • Accidentally farted loudly in an elevator full of strangers?
  • Found out you were adopted?
  • Were offered a sandwich with nothing but bacon and nutella?

Lean more about yourself and others, as you guess and bet on the reactions, to the wide variety of comic and mind-boggling scenarios in 'What do you meme?' - or make up your own scenarios as the game progresses!

With illustrations based on popular internet memes such as "Me Gusta", "Challenge Accepted" and "Rage Guy", you choose one of 7 meme cards, as a reaction to a read scenario.

The other players must then guess and bet on your reaction, and you'll bet on which of the other players you think has guessed it right.


  • 360 Caption Cards
  • 75 Photo Cards
  • Easel for Displaying Meme Cards
  • Rulebook

The game can be played by up to six players, each with their own color: Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow.


Give each player the 7 cards and 3 tokens in their selected color.

All players roll the die once to see who goes first. The player who rolls the highest number goes first. If two or more players roll the same highest number, they re-roll until a winner is found.

Game Play

(explained for the starting player)

The starting player rolls the die 2 times, and thus ends up with a number between 00 and 99.

Example: You roll a 2 on your first roll, and a 8 on your second roll, thus you end up with 28.

You then look-up the number 28 in the document called "Scenarios", and read aloud what it says.

Alternatively, in stead of using the provided scenarios, you are of course welcome to make up your own!

After hearing the scenario, you must then pick one of your 7 meme cards from your hand as a reaction to the scenario, and place the card face down onto the table.

Note: The card you pick must be the one you feel mostly resembles how you would react to the scenario, if it happened to you in real life.

The remaining players must then try and guess which one of your cards you have chosen as a reaction to the scenario, by also picking one card from their hand, and placing it face down onto the table.


Betting is done in 3 phases, explained in detail here:

  1. You now have the choice of betting up to 3 of your tokens, on one or more of the other players guesses (unrevealed cards on the table).

    Simply place your tokens on top of the card(s) you think is matching your chosen card.

    You may bet all 3 of your tokens on just one of the others cards, or you can play it more safely, by distributing them on two or three of the others' cards. You must play at least 1 token.

  2. All the cards, except for yours, are now reveled by flipping them over. After seeing what everyone have guessed, the other players can now also place a bet of up to 3 tokens on one or more of the reveled cards.

    They do so in the same manner, by placing their tokens on top of the card they think is the right guess. Players are allowed to bet on them selves, but if they do so, they may only bet up to 2 tokens.

  3. Finally, you flip over and reveal your card, and the bets are paid off like so:

    • All bets that turned out to be incorrect guesses are canceled (you don't lose money on canceled bets).

    • All bets that turned out to be correct guesses are paid in cash (funny-money bills). Players get the same amount of cash, as they have tokens placed on correct guessed cards.

Example: If a player placed 2 tokens on "RAGE!" and 1 token on "LOL!" and "RAGE!" turned out to be the correct card, then the player will receive 2 bills of 1$

Next Round

The die is passed on to the next player in a clockwise fashion around the table, and it is now this players turn to read and chose a reaction to a scenario.

The game goes on for 3 full rounds around the table (everyone gets 3 turns), while players accumulate cash.

End of the Game

In the 4th and final round, players ditch their tokens, and in stead gets to bet as much of their accumulated cash as they want.

This is a chance to either catch-up if you are behind, or to completely obliterate your opponents, by continuously doubling your stash.

The one with the most cash at the end of the game is declared the winner!

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