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Rating: 8.4 Very Good
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 1-100 players
Playing time: 25 minutes

Official Site: Publisher's webpage

Created by: Benoit Turpin, Anne Heidsieck

Published by: Blue Cocker Games, Deep Water Games, Dude Games

Alternate Names: Бумажные кварталы


As an architect in Welcome To..., you want to build the best new town in the United States of the 1950s by adding resources to a pool, hiring employees, and more.

Welcome To... plays like a roll-and-write dice game in which you mark results on a score-sheet...but without dice. Instead you flip cards from three piles to make three different action sets with both a house number and a corresponding action from which everyone chooses one.

You use the number to fill in a house on your street in numerical order. Then you take the action to increase the point value of estates you build or score points at the end for building parks and pools. Players also have the option of taking actions to alter or duplicate their house numbers.

And everyone is racing to be the first to complete public goals. There's lots to do and many paths to becoming the best suburban architect in Welcome To...!

Because of the communal actions, game play is simultaneous and thus supports large groups of players. With many varying strategies and completely randomized action sets, no two games will feel the same!

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Welcome To...: Scoring Pad & Goodies

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In Welcome To, players are American architects in the 50s during the Baby Boom. But beware of the competition! Who will best accomplish the city's plans by creating the nicest housing estates in the three streets they've been assigned? Will your luxurious parks and fancy pools be enough to earn you title of Best Architect?

Welcome To is a game where everyone plays at the same time with the same cards. It's all about cleverly combining the house numbers with their associated effects in order to become the greatest architect of tomorrow ! …

This variant allows players to play a game of Welcome To while trying to achieve their best score.


Shuffle the Construction cards, effect side face up and randomly deal out two equal stacks. Shuffle the Solo card into one of these two stacks, then place this stack under the other without shuffling again.

Shuffle and randomly pick three City Plan cards. Place them "Project" side face up next to the Construction cards. Take a player sheet from the pad and a player aid. …

Additional City Plans

These goals can be added to the basic version. The same rules apply to them.

List Of Objectives:

To fulfill this City Plan, all houses must be built on the required street.

To fulfill this City Plan, the first and last house of each street must be built.

To fulfill this City Plan, all of the parks AND all of the pools on the required street must be built.

To fulfill this City Plan, 7 temps must be hired. …

Two families of ducks are lost in the streets of your city! Please, bring back the ducklings to their parents!

All the rules of the basic version of "Welcome to" apply normally. However, in addition to these, you need to find, and bring back the ducklings.

To find a lost duckling, call on the neighbors on both sides of a hedge or a street.

As soon as you have 2 numbered houses on each side of a duckling, horizontally or vertically, circle the duckling. …

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