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During each round of Welcome to the Dungeon, players bid to see who gets to take a solitary hero into the dungeon with some combination of equipment. On your turn, you can either add monsters to the dungeon, remove equipment from the hero, or drop out of the bidding.

The last player in the bidding takes the adventurer into the dungeon and confronts all the monsters that have been placed this round, with what little equipment the adventurer has left.


This box contains all the components you need to play:

  • 13 Monster cards
  • 4 player aids
  • 4 Adventurer tiles
  • 24 Equipment tiles
  • 8 Success cards
  • Rule booklet

Object of the Game

If you traverse two Dungeons successfully, you win the game; however, if you fail in two Dungeons, you will be eliminated. Thus, you can also win the game by being the last player left in the game.


  1. Choose or randomly draw an Adventurer (all players share one Adventurer), and place it in the center of the table. For your first game, we suggest that you start with the Warrior.

  2. Line up the six Equipment tiles corresponding to the Adventurer beneath him. For example, if you are using the Warrior, you would line up the Plate Armor, Knight Shield, Vorpal Sword, Dragon Spear, Holy Grail, and Torch.

  3. Shuffle all the Monster cards, and place them in a face- down deck.

  4. Give each player a player aid card, which he places in front of himself, white-side-up.

  5. Establish a location for the Dungeon pile: This is where you will place the Monster cards each round.

  6. Set 5 Success cards nearby; they will serve their purpose later - the 3 remaining cards are left in the box.

Determine the start player randomly.

Sample setup for 2 players:

Game Play

The game plays out over several rounds, during which the players bid to determine who gets to take the Adventurer into the Dungeon.

That one player will take the Adventurer into the Dungeon, drawing ever nearer to victory or defeat, depending on his success.

Each round comprises two phases: Bidding phase Dungeon phase

Bidding Phase

During this phase, play goes clockwise. On your turn, you must choose one of the following:

  • Draw a card from the Monster Deck.
  • Pass your turn, and no longer participate in this round. You will not play again until next round.

Note: If Monster Deck is empty, you must pass when your turn comes around.

Draw a card

If you chose to draw a card, take the top card of the Monster Deck. Look ' -- at it without letting anyone else K see it. You now must choose one of the following options:

  1. Add the Monster to the Dungeon. In this case, you place the Monster card face-down on the Dungeon pile.

    This pile contains all the Monsters you must confront if you enter the Dungeon.

    Note: You can always count the number of Monster cards in the Dungeon, but you cannot look at the cards.

  2. Place the Monster in front of you, face-down. In this case, you must sacrifice one of the Adventurer's items: Place an Equipment tile of your choice, from beneath the Adventurer, onto the Monster.

    The Monster and piece of Equipment are considered discarded for the rest of the round.

    Note : If you draw a Monster card, and the Adventurer has no more Equipment, you must add the Monster to the Dungeon.

Once you have made your choice, your turn is done; the next player clockwise goes.

End of the Bidding

once all players but one have passed, the Bidding phase ends. The remaining player must take the Adventurer into the Dungeon all by himself, with whatever Equipment the Adventurer has left. He presses onward to the Dungeon phase.

Dungeon Phase

Only the player who did not pass participates in this phase. Start by calculating your total Health Points (HP): Add up the HP values of the Adventurer tile and all the Equipment he still has. Next, one by one, reveal the cards from the Dungeon pile.

  • If you still have Equipment that can eliminate the Monster, discard the Monster without losing any HP.

  • Otherwise, you lose HP equal to the Monster's strength. Then, discard the Monster.

Continue like this until there are no more Monsters in the Dungeon.

  • If the total Health Points you lost is fewer than the health Points with which you entered the Dungeon, you succeeded. You survived the Dungeon! Take a Success card. If this is your second Success card, you win the game!

  • If the total Health Points you lost is equal to or greater than the health Points with which you entered the Dungeon, you did not succeed. If your player aid is showing its white side, flip your player aid card over to show its red side.

    If your player aid card was already showing its red side, you are eliminated. If all players but one have been eliminated, that last remaining player wins the game.

Reveal all the Monsters that were discarded.

The round is over. If nobody has won the game, start a new round.

List of Monsters

  • Goblin

    Strength 1.

  • Skeleton

    Strength 2.

  • Golem

    Strength 5

  • Lich

    Strength 6.

  • Orc

    Strength 3.

  • Demon

    Strength 7.

  • Vampire

    Strength 4.

  • Dragon

    Strength 9.

New Round

Shuffle the Monsters, and t place them face-down on the table. The player who just went into the Dungeon chooses the next Adventurer for the players to use (Warrior, Barbarian, Mage, or Rogue). Place the Adventurer and his corresponding Equipment in the center of the table.

You are ready for a new round. the start player is the one who just went into the Dungeon.

If this player has been eliminated, the start player is the one on his left.

End of the Game

You win the game in either of the following ways:

  • You earn a second Success card.
  • All the other players have been eliminated from the game.


Ring Of Power

For example, if you encounter a Goblin and a Skeleton in the Dungeon, you defeat them and add their total of strength (1+2) to your HP.

Vorpal Sword/vorpal Dagger

Choose a type of Monster before revealing the first Dungeon card. You defeat all Monsters matching that choice. If you choose to defeat Skeletons, and there happen to be two of them in the Dungeon, defeat both Skeletons.

Vorpal Axe

You choose the Monster to defeat as soon as you see the current card, before knowing any of the following Monsters in the Dungeon.


After drawing all the Dungeon cards, check to see if all the Monsters were different. If so, you win the round, even if you had failed.

Demonic Pact

If the Demon is the last Monster in the Dungeon, simply defeat it; the second part of Demonic Pact is irrelevant at that point.


If the Monster Deck is empty, you can no longer use this.

Healing Potion

After drawing a Monster card, if you have 0 or fewer HP, you can use the Healing Potion to set your HP as indicated on the Adventurer tile (4 for the Barbarian, 3 for the Rogue). This allows you to continue drawing Monsters.


The designer suggests the following variant: During the first turn of the Bidding phase, you must add the card you draw to the Dungeon.

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