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Q: Can the Archer attack an adjacent unit?

No, the Archer cannot attack using the normal attack action. It can only attack using its tactic, which specifies that the target of the attack is two spaces away.


Q: When I take consecutive maneuvers with a Berserker, do I need to also discard a coin from my hand for each one, as well as removing a coin from the unit?

No, you only need to discard one coin to execute the Berserker's tactic.

The consecutive actions are specifically paid for by the removal of coins from the unit.


Q: Can the Crossbowman attack an adjacent unit?

Yes. It may use its tactic, which specifies a unit that is two spaces away, in a straight line with no intervening units, but it has no restriction on making a normal attack instead of using its tactic.


Q: Can the Ensign move a unit to any other space that is within two spaces of the Ensign, regardless of distance?

No, it only gives the other unit a normal move action (i.e. it can move one space that is also within two spaces of the Ensign).

Q: Does the attribute of the Berserker trigger after a move granted by the Ensign?

Yes, it does.


Q: When I use the Footman's tactic, can the maneuver actions performed by the two separate Footman units be different?

Yes, they can. You could for example discard a Footman coin to control a location with one unit, and move another.


Q: Can the Lancer use its tactic to move two spaces in a straight line and then choose not to attack?

No, the Lancer must have a target it can legally attack at the point at which you choose to use its tactic. For example, a non-bolstered Lancer could not be moved two spaces ending adjacent to a knight, because it cannot attack the Knight at the point that you wish to use its tactic.

Q: Can the Lancer attack an adjacent unit?

No, it may only attack using its tactic, which specifies it must both move and attack.

Light Cavalry

Q: Can the Light Cavalry move just one space?

Yes, it may use either a normal move (one space) or its tactic (two spaces).


Q: Can the Marshall grant a normal attack to any unit within range, or allow a unit to carry out an attack using its tactic?

No. The unit has to be able to make a normal attack, so the Marshall cannot give an attack to Archers or Lancers, nor does it allow any other kind of special attack criteria granted by a tactic.

Q: Do the attributes of the War Priest, Berserker and Swordsman trigger after an attack granted by the Marshall?

Yes, they do.


Q: What happens if the Mercenary unit is not on the board when I recruit a Mercenary coin?

The Mercenary's attribute is only of use if the Mercenary unit is already on the board when you recruit the coin. The attribute gives the Mercenary unit a free maneuver specifically, not a free action of another kind. You cannot, for instance, use the attribute to deploy the Mercenary or to recruit a coin.


Q: Does the Pikeman's ability trigger if it only has one coin in its stack, and what happens if the attacking unit only has one coin in its stack?

The Pikeman's attribute happens at the same time as the attack. In other words it happens regardless of the outcome for either unit. It is also important to note that Pikeman's ability is not an attack, so it will also affect an attacking Knight.

Warrior Priest

Q: What happens if I cannot use the coin drawn with the warrior Priest after it controls or attacks?

You can always use a coin, as you could simply discard it to pass. The coin has to be used, and used immediately, but can be used for any of the three action types.

Starting Locations

Q: Can I take control of another player's starting locations?

Yes, starting locations can be captured in the same way as any other location controlled by another player.

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