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  • 4 Wooden Snails
  • 18 Pieces of Track
  • 1 Cardboard Podium
  • 12 Trinket Tokens
  • 4 Colored Dice
  • 4 Snail Cards
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Push your snail around the track and collect trinkets along the way. Cross the finish line first to win the race!


  1. Take a snail in the color of your choice and its matching snail card.

  2. Build the race track. The piece with the flag is used as the starting line.

  3. Randomly place the trinkets on the track. Use enough trinkets so that each player is able to collect one of each type during the race. (6 trinkets in a 2 player game, 9 trinkets in a 3 player game, all 12 trinkets in a 4 player game).

    Here is a suggested set up for a 3 player game:

    Each player places their snail behind the starting line. Make sure that each snail's line is matched up on top of its shell.

  4. Get ready to race!

Game Play

The game is played in turns, in a clockwise direction. The Dice you roll will tell you how far your snail will go. On your turn:

  1. Roll the four dice once and count how many times your color appears (rainbows count as any color)

  2. Using one finger on the snail's tail, gently push your snail forward so tha' the shell turns as many times as the number of times your color appeared on the dice.

  3. Pass the turn to the next player.

Keep an eye on the lines!

Each time the lines on your snail's shell line

up, it counts as one shell turn. Make sure to count out loud whenever your snail's lines line up. This way you won't lose track of your progress, and the other players can count along with you.

Trinket Tokens

You will need to collect one of each trinket before crossing the finish line (key, button and gem).

Whenever your snail touches a trinket on the track, pause the game and pick up the trinket. If you haven't already collected that type of trinket, then place it on your snail card.

Otherwise, place it back on the track immediately behind your snail so that another player can collect it.

Then, proceed with the rest of your snail's run.

End of the Game

When a snail passes the finish line (and has collected all 3 trinkets), place it on the podium in the position it finished (first snail to finish gets 1st place, second snail gets 2nd place, etc)..

The game is over when all the snails have crossed the finish line. Then the winners all cheer!

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