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  • Coins are very important to the game, so players should try to have a supply of coins.

    Although both earn a player coins, repelled ships earn them every other round, while the goldsmith earns them every round, while ships every other round. Thus, goldsmiths earn a player a faster and more regular income.

  • Because of the turning of the wheel, sets that start the round expensively will become cheaper later on.

    Waiting until the wheel has turned can save a player several coins, but waiting too long can lose the player an important set.

    Thus, if a player sees a perfect set on the wheel, he may be better off paying a high price, so that he guarantees that he gets it.

  • Only pay for the acquisition of sets with victory points when the set is a perfect fit for you, as the cost for spending victory points is very high.

  • Players should acquire warriors when they become available, even if they do not have ships that need to be repelled. A player may find himself acquiring an unexpected ship later and wish he had a warrior to repel it.

  • A player should place his first ship on the right-most place at the top of his base.

    This allows him to place other island tiles in the first two columns without the fear of them being threatened early in the game, giving him time to place warriors below the ships to repel them and protect the Vikings below them.

  • Remember that players may only use their boatsmen every other round (with the large scoring) to move Vikings from their bases to the islands.

  • Player should take care not to forget the important role of fishermen, even though it happens only during the final scoring. Forgetful players can find themselves losing many points at game end.

  • Players should take care not to ignore the elements of the final scoring. There are many scoring opportunities there and these can make the difference between winning and losing. Keep an eye on the items on the final scoring summary.

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