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Your cards affect your own board during your own turn. Your production cards apply only to your own production. There is nothing that can affect another player's board. None of your cards' effects apply during another player's turn.

  • Any Available Slot: This includes the always-available slot.

  • Any Slot Occupied By Another Player: This is any occupied slot, except those occupied by your action tiles. This does not include the always-available slot, because it is never considered to be occupied.

    In a four-player game, a slot occupied by you and another player does not count as a slot occupied by another player (because it is occupied by you).

  • At the end of the game, gain 1 point for every 3 connected farms you have: As above, count up all your connected farms, divide by three, and round down. That's how many points you gain.

  • Build: Anything you build must be built on a legal site.

  • Building: A building is a farm, desalination plant, or laboratory. Tunnels and cities are not buildings.

  • City: If it is not otherwise specified, this refers to nonsymbiotic cities and symbiotic cities.

  • Connected: This always means "connected to your network". For example, "If you have at least 3 connected desalination plants..". means that the effect will trigger only if the desalination plants are in your network.

  • Discount: If it is not otherwise stated, the discount is subtracted from the usual cost. However, it is legal to apply several discounts and to combine them with a card that lets you pay a special cost. Discounts cannot take a cost below "free".

    For example, if you have a discount of 2 credits on a tunnel that costs 1 credit and 1 steelplast, you treat it as a discount of 1 credit and simply pay 1 steelplast.

  • During Production, 1 Biomatter Produced: If you have nothing that produces biomatter during Production, this effect cannot be applied.

  • During Production, you produce an additional 1 kelp for every 3 connected laboratories: Count up the total number of laboratories connected to your network. Divide by three. Round down. That's how much kelp you gain.

  • Exchange: This is just like paying, except the effect can work either way. For example, you may pay 1 kelp to gain 1 steelplast or pay 1 steelplast to gain 1 kelp. You cannot exchange more than the specified amount. For example, a card that allows you to exchange 1 for 1 does not allow you to exchange 2 for 2.

  • Expansion Site: Each city has a special building site that can only be built on if you play a Survey card. Expansion sites follow the usual rules - the chosen expansion site must be adjacent to a city or to a city site on which it is legal to build.

  • Farm, Desalination Plant, Laboratory, Tunnel: Upgraded structures still count as structures. For example, an upgraded farm counts as a farm.

  • For Free: If a cost is free, the card will say so. Once a cost is free, discounts have no further effect.

  • Gain the production from 1 upgraded structure adjacent to a connected city: Pick one upgraded structure at a connected city. On your player info card, look up what one of those, by itself, produces. Gain those resources. This does not impact on its production during the Production phase.

  • If you are on the third space of the Federation Track: This applies if your marker is on the space with the 3. This does not apply if your marker is on any other space.

  • May: A card's effect is always optional. On certain cards, such as those that reguire payment for an instant effect, we use the word "may" to remind you of this rule, but the effect is optional even when the word is not used.

  • Once Per Turn: This always refers to your turn. There are no cards that refer to other players' turns or other players' boards.

  • Pay: Many cards allow you to pay a cost to get a benefit. As you would expect, if you can't pay the cost, you do not get the benefit (however, you may play the card with no effect). If not otherwise specified, you pay the cost and gain the benefit only once. Cards that allow you to pay more to gain more will say so.

  • Perform the action in a slot: This allows you to perform a second action. You do not play an action tile on this second slot and you do not play a second card.

  • Specified Cost: Some cards specify how much you pay to build a structure or city. In this case, you do not pay the usual cost; you pay the specified cost instead.

  • Structure: A structure is a farm, desalination plant, laboratory, or tunnel. Cities are not structures.

  • Usual Cost: The usual cost is the cost printed on your player info card. It is the cost you usually pay to build the structure or build the city.

  • Whenever an action slot gives you at least 1 steelplast, gain 1 point: If the slot allows you to choose between gaining steelplast and doing something else, you gain the point only if you choose to gain the steelplast.

    The effect is not triggered by steelplast gained from other sources. For example, the action slot that allows you to advance 2 spaces on the Federation track cannot trigger this effect, not even if the advancement gives you 1 steelplast.

  • Whenever You build a connected city's second laboratory: If it is not connected, the effect will not trigger. A third laboratory will not trigger this effect.

  • Whenever you build the second tunnel on the same turn: This triggers on any turn on which you build at least two tunnels. It triggers immediately after you build the second tunnel, even if you are still in the middle of resolving an effect.

  • Whenever you complete a connected city's second upgraded farm: The city must be connected. It must have at least two farms, but it may have more. It must already have exactly one upgraded farm. As soon as you upgrade a second farm, the effect triggers immediately.

  • Whenever you use the depicted action slot: This effect triggers when you choose the slot as your action for the turn or when you are using the slot as the result of a card effect. The triggered effect modifies the rules of the action slot for the duration of your turn.

  • You May Upgrade 1 Or 2 Farms: For each, pay 1 credit or 1 science. To upgrade 2 farms, you could pay 2 credits, 2 science, or 1 credit and 1 science.

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