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The Uncle Wiggily Game is most enjoyed by children 4 to 8 years of age. Players join Uncle Wiggily on an adventure through the forest.

They take turns moving their Uncle Wiggily tokens, according to the card drawn.

The simple rhymes found on each card are fun for children to learn; each verse tells the player how many spaces to move.

The cards also feature numbers-so children who cannot read are able to play. (Pre-readers will enjoy having a "grown-up" read the rhymes on the cards).


  • 1 game board
  • 4 Uncle Wiggily tokens
  • 48 game cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first player to get your Uncle Wiggily token from his home (START) to Dr. Possum's house (at space number 100). Even if you're well behind during the game, you might just catch up and win!


Each player picks an Uncle Wiggily playing token and places it on or behind the START space.

Shuffle the Rabbit Verse cards and place the deck face down on the game board, on the title of the game.

Game Play

Choose one player to go first. We recommend that you choose the youngest player to go first.

Let's pretend you are the first player. Here's what you do:

  1. Draw a Rabbit Verse card from the top of the deck and do what the card says. Read the rhyme and move your piece that amount of spaces, moving first to space #1, then to space #2 and so on along the path.

    (For children unable to read, move forward according to the number on the card).

  2. If you land on a space requiring you to move back by three, do so. Then end your turn. If you land on Space #58 you're in luck-you've landed in the Rabbit hole!

    Pick up your piece and move immediately to space #83 (you're popping out the other side of the rabbit hole) before ending your turn.

  3. A few cards require the player to move back-wards a certain number of spaces. A backwards-pointing- arrow appears on these cards, along with the number of spaces to move back.

  4. BUMPING. Two pieces cannot be on the same space. If you land on a space occupied by another player's token, you "bump" that token backwards one space. If that space is occupied, bump the token there one space backwards. If a bumped token lands on a space requiring it to move further, do so.

  5. After a player completes his or her turn, according to the card drawn, play passes to the player on the left.

  6. Place used cards in a separate pile, off of the board. When the draw pile is gone, shuffle these cards and form a new draw pile.

End of the Game

The first player to land on space 100 (Dr. Possum's house) by EXACT COUNT is the winner.

If you are near Dr. Possum's House, and you draw a card whose number would move you past space 100, you must stay where you are.

For example, you are on space 97 and you draw a card instructing you to move ahead 4 spaces, you cannot move because Dr. Pos- sum's House is only 3 spaces ahead.

You could move ahead if you drew a "1" or a "2" space card. A "3" space card would win the game for you as you could move your piece, by exact count, onto Dr. Possum's House.

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