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Twin It! is a game of fast visual reflexes. The aim is to spot and collect 2 identical pattern cards. Before playing, choose which of 3 modes you want to play: Competitive, Team, or Cooperative.


  • 135 cards
  • 60 second sand timer
  • Instructions

Competitive Mode

(2 to 6 players)

Object of the Game

Win 5 sets of cards (a set consists of 2 or 3 identical cards).


  1. Shuffle the cards thoroughly and deal them out as equally as possible between the players.
  2. Stack your cards in a pile in front of you so everyone can see them.

Game Play

The player wearing the most colors begins and play continues to the left. On your turn, reveal the top card from your pile (turning it towards the other players and not towards you) and place it in the center of the playing area, wherever there is space.

At any time, as soon as anyone spots 2 identical patterns, they must quickly put a hand (or finger) on each of the 2 cards to win the pair. (Use both hands).

If you grab a match, take both cards and stack them (matching pattern side up) next to your draw pile, accessible and visible to everyone. Then reveal the top card from your draw pile and the game continues.

When looking for matches, all visible patterns are taken into account:

  • those placed in the middle of the playing area
  • those visible on the other players' draw piles
  • those on the pairs which have already been won

Take Three

Certain patterns appear 3 times in the deck. If you spot a pattern that appears for a third time, put one hand on a previously won pair and one hand on the third card and win all 3 cards.

Note: In the very rare event that 3 identical cards appear at the same time, the player who puts his hands on 2 cards wins the pair, then the third is turned over. Otherwise the 3 cards are turned over.

Chain Reactions

When you win a pair that includes the top card from a player's draw pile, it is possible that a new pair appears when the card underneath is revealed. This can lead to a chain reaction.

In this case, the last player to have won cards restarts the game by turning over the top card of their pile.

Resloving Ties

  • If 2 players have their hand on the same card, the player whose hand is on the bottom takes priority.

  • If 2 players both put one hand on one of the 2 cards in a pair, count to 3 and then turn the pair over at the same time.

If a card is on a player's pile, it is turned over into the center of play. If the tie includes a previously won pair, only turn over the card in the center of play or the top card of the pair.

Note that these can cause a chain reaction.


If you put your hands on 2 cards that do not make a pair, you lose (where possible) a pair you have already won. (Put it at the bottom of your pile and restart the game).

End of the Game

The game ends as soon as a player has won 5 sets of cards.

Reminder: a set is made up of 2 or 3 identical cards.

Forbidden Pattern Variation

When games are played consecutively, the player who has just won takes 3 cards with different patterns and places them next to their draw pile.

During the game, they must not make a pair with them. If they do, it is considered a mistake.

However, other players can make pairs with them and can therefore free them from their "forbidden" patterns.

Team Mode

(4 to 6 players)

Form 2 teams who will go head to head. The same rules as the previous game mode apply except that instead of placing your hands on both cards, you only place your hand on one and your teammate must place a hand on the other one to win the pair.

(If you put your hands on both of them, it is considered a "mistake").

If you have uneven teams, the team with the most players can apply the "Forbidden Pattern" rule (see the end of the 1 st mode).

The game ends as soon as one team has won 5 sets.

Cooperative Mode

(1-6 players)

Be careful - time is of the essence here!

Shuffle the cards well and make a pile in the center of the playing area. Place the sand timer within easy reach.

Ready, set, gol Start the timer, spread the cards out, and all players simultaneously try to make as many pairs or triples as possible before time runs out. You can talk, mix the cards, and turn them over as many times as you like.

When the time is up, count the number of valid pairs and triples you collected: score 1 point per pair and 2 points per triple.

Check the chart to see how you did:

Competitive Version

This mode is played the same way as cooperative but the points are counted individually at the end of the minute.

The winner is the player with the most points. However, you cannot steal your opponents' sets.

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