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  • 564 Truth Be Told Questions (141 cards)
  • 8 Markers
  • 8 Fill in the Blank Cards
  • 8 Paddles
  • 1 Scoreboard
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Pretend to know your friends! Score points on questions about other players either by guessing the True Answer, or by fooling others into guessing your Bluff Answer.


  1. Give each player a dry-erase marker, a Fill in the Blank Card , and a Paddle .

    Also give each player a tissue (not included) for erasing.

  2. Write the names of all players on the Scoreboard, and have all players write their names at the top of their Fill in the Blank Cards.

  3. Put the Truth Be Told Question Cards into the card box. Choose a question color to play for the entire game: blue, orange, green, or purple. Don't sweat the decision, the colors simply break up the questions into groups and there is no difference between the groups.

Game Play

  1. Start the game! Draw a card...

    The player with the most recent birthday is the Host for the first round. The Host gets the Scoreboard and will keep score for the round.

  2. The Host then draws a truth Be told Question Card from the card box and reads aloud the question of the predetermined color, being sure to say "blank" aloud where the "________" is.

    Example: The Host, Kelly, reads the question: "Truth be told, I love to wear blank".

  3. The Host secretly writes a truthful answer to this question on his or her Fill in the Blank Card.

    The Host's answer is known as the "True Answer".

  4. Bluff!

    At the same time, all other players pretend to be the Host, and secretly write bluff answers to the same question on their Fill in the Blank Cards. The more these bluff answers seem like something the Host wrote, the better! Good bluffs will score points.

  5. All players pass their Fill in the Blank Cards face down to the Host. The Host secretly shuffles the True Answer and all Fill in the Blank Cards together.

  6. Check for Duplicates

    No exact duplicates are allowed! The Host now looks through the Fill in the Blank Cards for duplicate answers. If any are discovered, the Host keeps just one (her choice) and returns the remaining duplicate Fill in the Blank Cards face down to their owners.

    These players must create new bluff answers and resubmit. If any answers are duplicates of the True Answer, the Host always keeps the True Answer and returns the others to their owners.

    Example: Three players write "sandals". The Host chooses any two of the "sandals" answers and returns those Fill in the Blank Cards to their owners. Those two players must create new bluff answers and resubmit their cards to the Host.

  7. Read Answers Aloud

    When all answers are unique, the Host rereads the entire Truth be Told Question aloud, and one-by-one, reads aloud each player's Fill in the Blank Card, keeping the player's identity a secret.

  8. Vote For The True Answer

    After the Host reads all answers, all players (except the Host) vote on which answer they think is the True Answer by secretly writing that answer on their respective Paddles.

    Players cannot vote for their own answer and need to be specific when answers are similar!

  9. When all votes have been made, the player to the Host's left reveals her vote by turning around her Paddle and announcing it aloud. One at a time, moving clockwise, all other players do the same.

  10. Reveal The Truth!

    The Host now reveals the True Answer to the group.

    While this revelation is often followed by lively banter, players must NOT erase their Paddles, and the Host must NOT erase any Fill in the Blank Cards.

    Both are used for Scoring points, which is up next.


    The Host is in charge of awarding points and marking them on the Scoreboard. There are 3 ways to score points:

    1. Players get 1 point for correctly voting for the True Answer.
    2. The Host gets 1 point for each vote the True Answer receives.
    3. A Player gets 1 point for each vote his/her bluff answer receives.

    Next Round

    After the Host finishes the scoring, all Fill in the Blank Cards are returned to their owners and all answers are erased. All Paddles are erased as well. The Host passes the card box and Scoreboard to the player on her left. That player becomes the new Host and the next round begins!

    End of the Game

    The first player to score 15 points is the champion! If any players tie, just play another round to determine the winner.

    The player with the most points at the end of this overtime round is declared the winner.


    Don't give away bluffs:

    The Host should familiarize herself with all Fill in the Blank answers before reading them aloud, to prevent stumbling and giving away bluff answers.

    Have A lot of players? Follow these steps to accurately score the round:
    1. The Host, after revealing the True Answer, returns all Fill in the Blank Cards to their respective owners.

    2. Players who correctly voted for the True Answer write their names on their respective Paddles and pass them to the Host.

      The names on the Paddles represent the players who get one point for voting for the True Answer as in Step 1 of the 'Scoring' Section. The number of Paddles in front of the Host are the number of points the Host is awarded as in Step 2.

    3. Players who incorrectly voted for the True Answer simply give their Paddles to the player whose bluff they voted for. The number of Paddles in front of each player are the number of points each player is awarded for Step 3 of the 'Scoring' Section.

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