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  • 1 Plastic Triple Cross Tower Unit with Base
  • 2 Sets of Plastic Colored Discs (12 Orange, 12 Green)
  • 8 Plastic Blockers (4 Orange, 4 Green)
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

The object of the game is to score for more "Triple Crosses" (lines of three of same colored Discs) than your opponent.


Place the Grid onto the Base and give each player 12 Discs and 4 Blockers of the same color.

Game Play

  1. Players take turns placing one Disc into the grid.

  2. A Disc can be placed from either side.

  3. If a Row has a Disc in the first position when you push another Disc in, it will shift the first Disc up and into the middle position.

    A Row is defined as below. Discs can be placed into the grid from either side into one of the eight Rows.

  4. If a Row is full it is also okay to push another Disc in. By doing so, one Disc will pop out of the other side of the grid. The Disc that comes out is given back to the player of that color.

  5. A player can use one of his Blockers, during his turn, to "lock in" a Row that is full. (Note: Use Blockers carefully and strategically during the game.

    They allow players to protect Discs involved in Triple Crosses that will score for them). A Blocker can be used at anytime during a player's own turn, but must stay in place for the rest of the game.

    No more than one Blocker can be played during a turn. During the turn that a player places a Blocker, he can place a Disc before or after he places the Blocker.

  6. Players continue to take turns placing their Discs into the grid one at a time.

  7. The game ends when there are no Discs left.


Each Player has 4 Blockers. Until a Row is blocked Discs can be placed to push out a Disc from a full Row, if desired.


Each Triple Cross of three Discs counts as 1 point. A Triple Cross can be either diagonal or vertical (A Row of the same color DOES NOT count as a Triple Cross and does not score a point).

A Triple Cross can share Discs from another same colored set.

End of the Game

When all the Discs have been played, players tally up their scores. Each diagonal and each vertical Triple Cross scores one point.

The player with the highest total points wins.

In the event of a tie, play again as a tie breaker round!

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