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Slap yourself silly in this ridiculously fun party game. Statements are read, and players must respond as quickly as possible by slapping the target. Of course, ft helps if your response is correct. You won't believe how many laughs are packed into such a tiny tin!

Players receive cards on which 6 statements appear. The only acceptable responses to the statements you hear are "TRUE" or "FALSE".

  • Your RIGHT hand is used to answer "TRUE".
  • Your LEFT hand is used to answer "FALSE".


  • 60 Cards
  • 1 Target
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Be the player to win the most cards.

Game Play

  1. Shuffle the cards and deal 5 to each player.

    Put your cards facedown in a pile in front of you. Place the "target" in the center of the table.

  2. If you are the youngest player, begin a round by reading any statement from your first card. You will be the moderator for this round, so you won't respond to the statement.

  3. All the other players respond to the statement that was read out loud by hitting the target with their appropriate hand:

    • the RIGHT hand to answer "TRUE", or
    • the LEFT hand to answer "FALSE".

    Important: Statements with "I" or "me"refer to the moderator who is reading them. Statements with "you"or "your"refer to the individual players responding to them.

    Leave your hands in that toasty little stack until the moderator determines a winner and/or a loser!

  4. The moderator now has to sort through the pile of hands on the target, to determine who is the first player to have responded correctly and who is the first to have responded incorrectly.

    The moderator may ask the players for assistance; for example, to lift their hands one at a time, so as to "get to the bottom " of everything!

Winning or losing cards

In each round the first player to respond correctly wins a card and the first player to answer incorrectly loses a card.

Winning a card

If you are the first player in the pile to respond correctly, you win the card that was just read.

Check the color on the back of that card before putting it at the bottom of your stack.

This color determines the question to be read during the next round by the next player. Play always moves clockwise from the first moderator.

Note: If nobody responds correctly the moderator jump-starts the round by randomly choosing another statement from the same card and reading it out loud.

Losing a card

If you are the first player in the pile to have responded incorrectly, you must give up a card from the top of your pile, discarding it in the game box.

Note: If all players answer correctly no card is lost during this round, and play passes to the next moderator.

End of the Game

As soon as any one player runs out of cards, the game ends and the player with the most cards is declared the winner!

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