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The Mechaniker (Mechanical Enhancement)

Once per turn, one of your Apprentices receives an additional Action Point when placed at any Location except for the Theater.

Priestess of Mysticism (Fate Weaving)

For 1 Dark Alley Action Point, you may discard the Active Prophecy, then replace it with a Pending Prophecy and draw a new one in its place.

Master of chains (Breaking Free)

Before the 'Performance' phase, you may take a special 'Reschedule' Action without placing any Characters. Unlike the normal 'Reschedule' Action, you receive the Link Bonuses if you create Link(s) with this placement.

The great optico (Mimesis)

Once per turn, you may use one of your Permanent Assignment cards with an effect of an opponent's revealed Special Assignment card of the same Location.

The Red Lotus (Trick Steal)

You may choose to receive the Yield of an opponent's Trick in the same Performance instead of your own Trick's Yield, as long as you are the Performer and the opponent's Trick has the same or lower Fame Threshold as yours. The opponent receives one less Fame for the Trick stolen this way.

Yoruba Spiritmaster (Soul Possession)

Once per turn, before an opponent chooses a card to Perform, you may pay one Shard. If you do, you may choose the card to Perform for that player. The chosen card must have at least one of the opponent's Trick Markers on it.

Electra (Supercharge)

may choose to pile two Markers of the same Trick on a Trick slot when she sets up a Trick. It counts as one Trick and Link Bonuses are paid only once. When performed, this Trick yields 1/2/3 additional Fame point(s) and Coin(_) depending on its Fame Threshold (1/16/36).

The Gentleman (Magic for the Masses)

Whenever the Magician is placed on a Downtown, Market Row or Dark Alley slot, you receive Fame equal to the number of Trick cards you have.

Optional Rule Variant: Duel Of Magicians

The Duel of Magicians game variant is an optional rule set designed to make the traditional two-player games more tense and diverse.

Two new game elements are used in the Duel of Magicians:

  • Turn Setup cards
  • Performance cards with gray Trick Markers printed on them

The following changes apply to the base game rules:

General Setup

Create a deck with five (base game) or seven (Dark Alley) face-up Turn Setup cards and place them next to the Main Game Board.

Use the Performance cards with gray Trick Markers printed on them to create the Performance Deck.

Roll Dice

After rolling the Downtown dice, place the top card of the Turn Setup card deck next to the deck. Based on the layout printed on the card, cover 2 slots in the Downtown, Market Row and Dark Alley, and 2 Weekdays in the Theater using the face-down wooden disks of leftover player colors.

This way, there will be different Character slots and Weekdays available each turn, and, since players can always see the upcoming card, they can plan one turn ahead.

Trick Links

Players may now create Links with the 'neutral', gray Trick Markers printed on the Performance cards by default.

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