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  • Topix Cards (1 deck of pink and 1 deck of blue),
  • Playing board
  • 4 playing counters,
  • Topic answer pad,
  • Pencils
  • Sand timer
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

To name examples of chosen topics against the clock - the more that you can find, the better you'll do!

Game Elements

Please cheek that you have the following:

Playing Cards: Two packs in total: One pack of Letter cards with a letter of the alphabet on one face. Some cards have a * symbol, for which you may choose any letter you wish. One pack of Topic cards with two topics per card face.

These have been numbered 1 and 2.

Score Pads: Two styles for use as follows:

  • Master Score Sheets: Each game you play will be scored on a master score sheet. Select a colour for each player and enter their name in the appropriate space. Each column is split in two: enter the score for each round on the left, the cumulative total on the right.

  • Topic Sheets: Topix consists of several rounds of play, each round being played on the Topic Score Sheets. Give each player a Topic Sheet before the start of each round.

Sand Timer: This will time between 45 seconds and a minute for each round of play.

Pencils: Share these around so that each player is able to write on their Topic Score Sheet. Four pencils have been provided but you can play with more people, in which case you will need to provide additional pens or pencils

Game Play

Shuffle each pack of cards separately and deal one letter card and one Topic card to each player.

Enter the letter that you have received in the box on your Topic Sheet then decide which of the two topics on your topic card you would prefer to use. Write your chosen topic clearly at the top of your sheet - the other players must be able to read it!

When everybody is ready, turn the timer over and write down as many examples of your topic as you can think of - each example must, of course, begin with the letter you have been dealt.

When the time is up: draw a line under your list put your name or initials in the left-hand margin and pss your Topic Sheet to the player on your left. In this way you will receive a new topic and letter from the player on your right.

Turn the timer over immediately and try to find more examples for the new topic - you won't score any points for things already written down by your opponents! Continue play in this manner, passing the Topic Sheets to the left until all players have attempted each of the topics.

Now the fun begins... you've got to convince your fellow players that the examples you have written down are valid!

Take turns to read out and score the completed sheets, voting whether examples are acceptable or not and score one point for each accepted answer. Total up the scores to each player and record the results on the Master Score Sheet.

Start a new round by giving a fresh Topic Score Sheet, Letter and Topic card to each player.

End of the Game

After one practice round decide how many rounds of play you wish to compete over, the winner having the greatest overall total at the end.

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