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Hiroshige the artist

When Hiroshige arrives at each of the 3 intermediate Inns, before the Meal he takes 1 Panorama card of his choice, scoring the points for this card immediately.

Chuubei the messenger

When Chuubei arrives at each of the 3 intermediate Inns, before the Meal he draws 1 Encounter card and applies its effect.

Kinko the ronin

Each Meal card purchased by Kinko costs one coin less. (Meals that cost 1 are therefore free).

Yoshiyasu the functionary

During each Encounter, Yoshiyasu draws 2 Encounter cards, keeps the one he wishes, then places the other card at the bottom of the pile (without showing it to the other players).

Satsuki the orphan

When she orphan at an Inn, Satsuki receives one of the available Meal cards at random for free.

After seeing the Meal offered to her, she can instead purchase a Meal as normal like other players.

Mitsukuni the old man

Mitsukuni earns 1 additional point for each Hot Spring card and each achievement card.

Sasayakko the geisha

In the Village, if Sasayakko purchases at least two Souvenir cards, the cheapest Souvenir is free.

She must have the coins on hand to pay for all Souvenirs, but she doesn't pay for the cheapest one.

Hirotada the priest

Each time he stops at the Temple, Hirotada can take one coin from the bank and donate it to the Temple, scoring 1 point for this coin. This is in addition to the 1, 2, or 3 coins he can personally donate to the Temple.

Umegae the street entertainer

Umegae earns 1 point and 1 coin for each Encounter before the effects of the drawn Encounter card are applied.

Zen-emon the merchant

Once per Village, Zen-emon can purchase one Souvenir for 1 coin instead of the marked price

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