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  • Game Base
  • Toilet Base
  • Toilet Tank with Toilet Paper Roll Spinner
  • Toilet Bowl with Lid
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Flush without getting the gush! The last player left who doesn't get sprayed wins!

One-time Assembly

  1. Carefully slide the notches of the toilet base through the holes in the game base.

  2. Attach the toilet bowl to the toilet base as shown. Gently push down until the parts click together.

  3. Attach the toilet tank to the toilet bowl as shown. Gently push down until the parts click together.

The first time you play, replace the batteries.


Note: Prior to playing the game, thoroughly clean all surfaces using only tap water.

1 Make sure the toilet lid is flipped to the upward position.

2 Fill toilet bowl to the fill line with clean tap water.

3 Prepare the toilet for gameplay by flushing the handle until water begins to spray.

Note: Game works best when placed on a flat surface.

Game Play

The last person to have used the toilet goes first! Play continues to the left.

On Your Turn:

  1. Place the toilet in front of you with the toilet bowl facing you.

  2. Spin the toilet paper roll spinner.

  3. Press down on the handle to flush the toilet the number of times shown on the spinner.

  4. If you only hear a flushing sound but no water is sprayed when you flush, you are safe, and it's the next player's turn. If you get sprayed by the gush of water, you're out!

End of the Game

Continue to take turns spinning the toilet paper roll and flushing until only one player is left. The only player not to get sprayed by the toilet wins!

Putting the game away

  1. When you are done playing, pour out all water from the bowl. Then, to ensure that no water remains inside the toilet, flush the handle repeatedly until water stops spraying out. This may take many flushes.

  2. Leave the toilet upside down to dry thoroughly. When toilet is dry, store in an upright position.

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