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In solo mode, you will face off against two Robot Pilots. You must defeat them both in order to achieve victory!

Solo Game Setup

  1. Setup for 3-player game, with the human player in the "single" north most Base Zone and each of the Robot Pilots in the other two Base Zones.

  2. Both Robot Pilots start the game wearing Power Armor. Turn each Robot Pilots' Power Armor so that it is facing north, toward the human player.

  3. Place 2 Player Cards next to each other for each Robot Pilot, placing the an Energy and Credits Token on the "3" space of each resource track. Make sure there is room around each card where cards and Mine/Turret Tokens can be placed and played.

  4. Pilot Cards will not be used for the Robot Pilots. The Robot Pilots will keep track of their health on their Player Card. Place their Health Token on the "9" space of their resource track.

  5. Flip the fourth, unused Player Card over. This will provide a Robot Pilot Guide for how the Robot Pilots' Program Cards are resolved.

  6. Give 2 Basic Weapons and their Cards to each Robot Pilot:

    • One with a Pulse Pistol and an Energy Sword.
    • The other with a Pulse Pistol and a Grenade Launcher.
    • Place the 2 Basic Weapon Cards face-up under each Player Card.
  7. Shuffle the Robot Pilots' 8 Program Cards, placing them in a face-down stack under the Player Cards. Return each Robot Pilots' Ad Hoc Mode Card to the box.

  8. Flip all Robot Pilot Mines face-down and shuffle them randomly. Then place 1 random Mine face-down in each of the Robot Pilots' Bases.

Solo Gameplay

At the start of each round, program your 4 Program Cards as normal. While you do not have to hide your cards in solo mode, you can if you choose to. Robot Pilots' actions are randomly drawn from their stack of face-down Program Cards.

After you are done Programming, the round will go as follows:

  1. Execute your Program Card.

  2. Flip the top Program Card for the left Robot Pilot and execute it.

  3. Flip the top Program Card for the right Robot Pilot and execute it.

Repeat this 3 times until all players have executed 4 actions. At the end of every round, collect the Program Cards played by each Robot Pilot and shuffle them into the Program Card stack. Return this stack face- down to be used next round.

Executing Robot Pilot Cards

The movement direction on the card does not matter. Instead, note the action to decide where the Robot Pilot moves (refer to the Robot Pilot Guide). The Robot Pilot will turn to face in the direction it just moved (unless it Diagonal Jumps or Double Jumps).

The direction the Robot Pilot is facing is important! As a rule of thumb, the side where the Weapons are facing is the "front".

Robot Pilot Movement Rules

  • Depending on the card, the Robot Pilot will move in the direction it is facing. It "sees" three Zones: forward, left, and right.

  • Some cards require the Robot Pilot to decide on which Zone to move to based on its number value (). If there is a tie in values, it will instead always move forward.

  • The Robot Pilot cannot move into a wall (out of the arena) or a Zone occupied by the other Robot Pilot. Instead the Robot Pilot turns 180° around, facing the opposite direction, and then moves forward.

  • The Robot Pilots can move into a Zone occupied by other Robot Pilot's Mine or Turret. The Mine/Turret does not then trigger

Program Card Movement Guide

Collect: Move forward 1 Zone.

Deploy Turret and Deploy Mine: Move to the highest-valued Zone.

Purchase and Power Up: Move to the lowest-valued Zone.

Diagonal Jump: Jump into the Zone of the human player if they are in ANY Zone diagonal to the Robot Pilot. This jump may be over any number of Zones in any diagonal direction. If the human player is not in a diagonal Zone, then the Robot Pilot does not move.

Double Jump: Jump into the Zone of the human player if they are in ANY Zone to the Robot Pilot's row or column. This jump may be over any number of Zones in any orthogonal direction. If the human player is not in an orthogonal Zone, then the Robot Pilot does not move.

Executing Actions

After movement, the Robot Pilot executes its action:

Collect: Just as normal, the Robot Pilot collects resources shown on each Zone it controls with itself and its Mines/Turrets. If the resources of the Robot Pilot are maxed out, then it does not Collect.

Deploy MIne or Turret: If the Robot Pilot can afford to deploy into that Zone (has enough or ), it will deploy the Mine or Turret. The Mines should be shuffled face-down before placing one. It will NOT deploy (it then Collects instead) if:

  • It cannot afford it.
  • All of its Mines/Turrets are already deployed.
  • The other Robot Pilot has a Mine/Turret in that Zone.

Purchase Weapon: The Robot Pilot purchases the first Advanced Weapon from the row it can afford, choosing from left to right. It cannot buy Basic Weapons. It will NOT Purchase (it then Collects instead) if:

  • It cannot afford any of the Weapons in the row.
  • It has reached a maximum limit of 4 Advanced Weapons in its stockpile.

Power Up: The Robot Pilot pays + as it can and needs to heal to its full health. If it is already at full health, it the Collects instead.

Controlling the Mighty Mech

If the Robot Pilot enters a Zone with an empty Mighty Mech, it then automatically takes control, regardless of its health, and scores ). Use the Mighty Mech Card to track the Robot Pilot's health.

It does not matter which side, since it cannot use its ability. Like a human player, it cannot Power Up while controlling the Mighty Mech (it then Collects instead). If it defeats a human player that is controlling the Mighty Mech, it will take control of it.

Equipping the Robot Pilot

As soon as the Robot Pilot purchases a Weapon Card, it equips it. Place the card face-up below its Player Card. While wearing Power Armor if ever more than two Advanced Weapons are in the stockpile, then shuffle all the cards and draw two cards to equip.

When switching between the Power Armor and the Mighty Mech, and vice versa, note that a Robot Pilot with the Mighty Mech cannot use its Basic Weapons. And if it is KO'd from the Mighty Mech it must immediately re-equip with Basic and any Advanced Weapons onto the Power Armor.

Combat with a Robot Pilot

Gather all of the Robot Pilot's equipped Weapon Cards, and under the table shuffle them to form a face-down stack. When it is the Robot Pilot's turn to use a Weapon, flip the topmost card.

If there is a decision to be made due to the Weapon's effect, such as paying resources for extra damage, then paying the highest amount of the resource it can afford is the only decision it can make. Any other decision is ignored.

  • The Robot Pilot never retreats. If it exhausts all of its Weapons, instead of retreating, reshuffle and reuse all its equipped Weapon Cards.

  • If there are Turrets or Mines from the other Robot Pilot, they deal damage to you before the Combat begins. They DO NOT damage the Robot Pilot.

  • Since Robot Pilots do not pre-program their moves, the Robot Pilots never enters Ad-Hoc Mode after Combat.

  • Keep note of Power Attacks that you or the Robot Pilot may trigger when a Weapon Card is revealed.

The Robot Pilot immediately uses a Power Attack for its first attack if it jumps into your Zone using a Diagonal Jump or Double Jump. If it survives Combat, the Robot Pilot then faces "north" toward your Base.

Ko'ing a Robot Pilot

If the Robot Pilot is KO'd, whether wearing the Power Armor or the Mighty Mech, it is immediately placed into its Base Zone, facing "north" toward your Base OR toward the human player if currently in the row next to its Base.

If a Robot Pilot's Base Zone is occupied, draw unused Program Cards from the stack and resolve the movement from its Base until it reaches an open Zone. Robot Pilots never lose their Power Armor if KO'd, and will respawn at full health. If your Mine/Turret KO's a Robot Pilot, it does not then execute its action.

End of the Game

The Robot Pilots each score individually just as if they were human players, gaining victory points for Combat, Zone-control, the Mighty Mech, and Weapons. For you to win, you must have the highest final score.

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