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From the blackest depths of the universe, a Rogue Galaxy rises from the chaos. Its savage inhabitants have only one mission: conquer all life in the cosmos. Our galaxy's only hope is you, Commander!

You alone must lead our empire and use our power to defeat the oncoming Rogue armada. If you fail, there will be nowhere safe for us among the stars.


The game is set up like a normal 2 player game with the following exceptions:

  • Select a Rogue Galaxy Mat for your opponent, instead of a normal Galaxy Mat.

  • The Rogue Galaxy starts with zero energy and zero culture, but starts with all 4 ships on the center of its Galaxy Mat.

  • Do not deal out Secret Mission Cards.

You will take the first turn. You play your turns as usual, but the Rogue Galaxy plays by a different set of rules...

Rogue Actions

On the Rogue Galaxy's turn, one die is rolled at a time. The die is placed in the Activation Bay on the Control Mat, and the action is taken by the Rogue Galaxy. This continues until all of the Rogue Galaxy's available dice have been rolled.

By spending 1 energy and 1 culture, you can force the Rogue Galaxy to reroll a usable die. You can do this as many times as you have resources to spend.

You can follow a die activated by the Rogue Galaxy by spending 1 culture. However, if a die's action is unusable by the Rogue Galaxy (such as a Move action without available ships), the die is discarded and it cannot be followed. The Rogue Galaxy never follows your actions.

Move a Ship

If any ships are still on the Rogue Galaxy Mat, move one onto the leftmost planet that does not have a Rogue ship orbiting it. Place the ship on that planet's colony track. A Rogue ship will never go to the surface of a planet.

Advance Colonization

When a Diplomacy or Economy action is taken, advance ALL rogue ships on that type of colony track up by one. Colonized planets are placed under the Rogue Galaxy Mat as usual.

Acquire Resources

The Rogue Galaxy acquires resources just as if it were a player, except that its galaxy produces both energy and culture. At the end of its turn, if a resource marker is at max level, a special action occurs:

  • At Max Energy - The Rogue Galaxy upgrades its empire. After this is done, move the energy token back to zero (off the mat).

  • At Max Culture - Clear the Control Mat. The Rogue Galaxy takes an extra turn, but with only 3 dice and without these special actions reoccurring. After this is done, move the culture token back to zero (off the mat).

Utilize a Colony (Attack)

A die for the Rogue Galaxy is typically an attack against your empire. The actions are listed on the Rogue Galaxy Mat (do not use any action from a colonized planet) and depend on the empire level of the Rogue Galaxy.

Only the action on the current level is executed. If the action is noted "only once per turn",any additional Utilize a Colony actions are treated as unusable cannot be followed.

End of the Game

The Rogue Galaxy wins instantly if it reaches 21 victory points or more or if its empire token reaches the skull and crossbones space on the empire track.

You win instantly if you reach 21 victory points or more.

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