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Advanced Play - Poser Round

We've added an optional 4th round foreven more hilarious fun! Play the same way as Round 3, except the Guesser starts with their eyes closed. The Cluegiver looks at a card and must then freeze in a pose.

Once frozen they shout OPEN! and the Guesser opens their eyes and must give one Guess. The Cluegiver then shouts CLOSE! and the Guesser closes their eyes again while the Cluegiver looks at the next card and repeats the process.

Once the Guesser's eyes open, the Cluegiver must not move at all until he says Close! Also, the Cluegiver can not make any sounds at all in this round.

Rules For 3-5-7 Players

With an odd number of players, you can play Time's UP! slightly differently.

Do not make teams, but instead play as individuals. On your turn with the deck, you will be the Cluegiver to the person on your left. When your time is up, pass the Deck to the person who is to the left of your Guesser.

This way when the deck reaches the person to your right, you will be their Guesser. (See Diagram A)

Each time you score cards, place them between you and your 'teammate'. At the end, each player scores all the cards on their right and left.

So for example the Green player scores the cards in pile D and pile C (See Diagram B). Whoever has the highest total is the sole winner!

Rules For Teams With 3+ Players Each

When playing in large groups, try breaking into 2 or 3 equal teams of 3 or 4 players each. Sit so that each person is between players of the other team(s).

For example: Diagram C shows 3 teams made of 3 players each. Diagram D shows 2 teams made of 4 players each.

The deck will be passed around clockwise and when a player has the deck, he gives clues and all of his teammates can answer together.

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