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  • Igloo base
  • 3 legs
  • Two hoops
  • Marbles
  • Giant tweezers
  • Packet of tissues
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Put the marbles on top of the igloo, but don't be the player that makes the ice break!


  1. Before playing remove the spacer in between the tweezers and discard.

  2. Gently insert the three legs into the holes on the game base. The holes and the bottom of the legs are in the shape of a rectangle.

  3. One of the two hoops has three round holes. Place this hoop over the legs so that the legs are in line with the holes and gently push down (see illustration).

    When inserted correctly, the legs will be wider at the bottom of the igloo and lean in slightly towards the top.

  4. Carefully pour a little water into the channel (see illustration). Don't fill it all the way to the top! Place the marbles around the inside of the channel.

  5. Take a tissue from the pack and carefully pull the two sheets apart so that you now have two thin tissues. Lay one of the thin tissues over the top of the hoop, so that the edges of the tissue hang down over the edge of the hoop.

  6. Place the second hoop over the tissue and push down gently so it holds the tissue in place (it will look like the top of a drum).

    You do not have to push the hoop down all the way. The tissue should be stretched tightly across the top of the hoop, but not too tightly because you don't want it to rip!

  7. Pick one player to be the scorekeeper and write the names of all players on a sheet of paper.

Insert the legs into the three holes on the game base.

Place the holes on the top hoop over the legs and press down gently.

Game Play

The youngest player goes first. Hold the tweezers and turn them horizontally (see illustration) so they fit into the channel.

Place the tweezers over any marble in the channel and pick it up by gently squeezing the tweezers together. Now place your marble on the top of the tissue and quickly pass the tweezers to any player so he can place a marble on the tissue.

Hold the tweezers horizontally and place them over any marble in the channel.

Pick up the marble by gently squeezing the tweezers together.

Players keep passing the tweezers and placing the marbles until one player makes the tissue break and one or more marbles fall through.

Make sure you pass the tweezers to the next player as fast as you can because whoever is holding the tweezers when the marbles tumble will get a letter against them.


The first time a player makes the marbles fall through, the scorekeeper writes the letter "I" next to that player's name. The second time it happens to the same player, that player gets a "C".

The third time the marbles fall through on that player, that player gets an "E". As soon as a player gets ICE, they're out of the game.

Keep playing the game until there is only one player left who hasn't broken through the ice three times.

End of the Game

The last player left without getting ICE is the winner!

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