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  • Gameboard
  • 360 Insight Cards
  • 90 Therapy Cards
  • 30 Thinkblot Cards
  • Thinkblot booklet
  • 6 Therapy couches
  • 36 pegs
  • game dice
  • instructions

Note: You will need a pencil and sheet of paper for each player.

Object of the Game

Be the first player to get one peg from each of the six stages of life on your couch and then reach, or pass, the Finish space.


Divide the cards into eight separate decks and place them, face down, on the spaces marked on the board. Each player takes a couch and places it in their corresponding color Therapy office.

Place the pegs off to the side of the board. Each player rolls the dice; the highest roller goes first and the game continues clockwise.

Game Play

On your turn roll the dice, move that many spaces clockwise around the gameboard and follow the instructions for the space you land on as described below.

Therapy offices count as normal spaces; more than one couch may occupy the same space at the same time.

The Spaces

  • Therapy

    If you land on an opponent's Therapy office, you become the patient and that opponent becomes your therapist. He takes the top Therapy card and reads it aloud. Secretly write your answer, while he writes what he thinks your answer will be.


    1. On rating-scale questions, 1 is low and 10 is high. A margin of error of 1 either way counts as a match.

    2. For "Which player" questions, both the patient and the Therapist can be included as possibilities.

    If the answers match: the Therapist has cured you and he chooses a peg of any color for his couch. You roll the dice and take another turn.

    If the answers don't match: you stay in the office and wait for your next turn to repeat Therapy with the same Therapist. You must stay in Therapy until you're cured.

  • Group Therapy, Your own Therapy Office, An unoccupied Office

    If you land on one of these spaces, the player to your left reads the top Therapy card to you and you secretly write down your answer. All the other players then discuss the question out loud and come to a mutual decision on what they think your answer will be.

    If the answers match: you decide which therapist gets a peg of their choice, and you get to roll the dice and take another turn.

    If the answers do not match: you stay on the space and try Group Therapy again on your next turn.

  • Insight

    If you land on an insight space, the player to your left reads the top card from the deck of the corresponding stage of life and you answer.

    If you answer correctly: you receive a peg for that stage and your turn ends. If you already have a peg of that color, throw the dice and go again.

    If you answer incorrectly: on your next turn, roll the dice and move.

  • Insight/Chance

    If you land on an Insight/Chance space, you can either answer an Insight question from that stage of life or pass and wait for your next turn to roll again.

    If you choose to answer the question and you answer it correctly, you get a peg of that color stage of life.

    If you answer incorrectly, go to Psychosis in the center of the board, lose one peg of your choice and wait for your next turn.

  • Insight with a Peg

    If you land on an insight space and you already have the Mastery Peg for that stage, you still have to answer an insight card from that stage. If your answer is correct, you get to roll again.

    If it's incorrect, play passes as usual to the next player.

  • Psychosis

    On your next turn, roll 1 die and move out of Psychosis along the arrow that matches the number you rolled. Undergo Therapy immediately in the office the arrow directs you to.

  • Thinkblot

    When you land on a Thinkblot space, the player to your left takes the top Thinkblot card. Depending on whether your Thinkblot space has an "A" or "B" on it, the other player will ask you an "A" or "B" question.

    At the same time, he shows you the corresponding Thinkblot in the Thinkblot booklet (with the "A" or "B" side facing up) and you choose one of the answers he gives you. If you answer correctly, choose a peg of any color.

    If you answer incorrectly, go immediately to Psychosis and lose a peg of any color. On your next turn, follow the directions for Psychosis (above).

End of the Game

As soon as a player has all 6 pegs, he must then reach or pass the Finish space to win.

Once you have all 6 pegs, you no longer need Therapy.

If you land on a Therapy office or a Group Therapy space, roll the dice again on that same turn and move on. You still need to follow the instructions for all other spaces.

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