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Advice To The Players

Werewolves: Voting against your partner is an effective way to deflect suspicion from yourself of course, this only works if the townsfolk notice.

The Fortune Teller: Be extremely careful ifyou have discove- red a Werewolf. It may be worth the pain of revealing yourself in order to identify the player, but avoid doing this too early.

Little Girl: : A very powerful character, but very nerve-wrecking to play. Don't hesitate to spy. It may be frightening, but it is necessary to profit quickly before being eliminated.

The Hunter: When you are accused of being a werewolf, it is always wise to try to pass yourself off as the Hunter.

Cupido: If you pick yourself as one of the lovers, do not choose a loud-mouth as your partner.

The Sheriff: Do not hesitate to nominate yourself for the position of Sheriff. But, if you are a werewolf, no not campaign too openly for the job. Be proud of this position, and wear the card proudly on your clothing.

Witch: This character becomes more powerful at the end of the game - do not waste your potions!

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