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Everytime you play The Voting Game you'll uncover who your friends really are. Winning is possible but not important. Banter and storytelling are encouraged.

Player ID cards identify each player, voting cards are for placing votes and question cards are the questions you vote on.


  • 160 Question Cards
  • 90 Voting Cards
  • Rulebook


Give each player a colored number card. Place it in front of you.

Give each player a white number card with every number except the one on their colored number card.

Game Play


Draw a black question card and read it out loud, or come up with your own question. The player who most recently called their mother goes first.


Use the white number cards to vote for the player who is the answer to the question. Everyone must vote, including the person who asked the question.


The player who asked the question collects the votes anonymously and reveals them to the group.


For each vote received, players can guess one person who voted for them. If they guess correctly the truth is revealed. Left of questioning player guesses first.


When a player receives at least half of the votes, they keep the black card.


The next player asks a question.

End of the Game

The first player to 6 black cards wins.

Ties are decided by the dealer.

Alternate Ways To Win


When a player receives at least half of the votes, each player that voted for them claims their vote and receives a point. First to 10 wins.

Just For Fun

A version where the only point is to have a good time.

House Rules


When guessing who voted for you, correct guesses mean that they drink and incorrect guesses mean you drink.


Keep the black deck off to the side and only allow original questions.


When someone receives 100% of the vote (not counting their vote) they must take a shot.


Give players a voting card with their own number on it. You can vote for yourself. 9 players max.

Straight Up

Votes aren't anonymous. Count to 3 after everyone has decided who they will vote for and reveal them all at once.

Draw Three

Draw three black cards when it's your turn and pick your favorite. Return the remaining two to the bottom of the deck.



Sit in a circle and pass out the colored cards in order. 1,2,3,4 etc.


Get creative with how you reveal the votes. Half the fun is in your presentation.

Example Question Cards

  • Who would try to talk down the price of Girl Scout Cookies?

  • Who will show up to their high school reunion in a Lamborghini rental?

  • Who clogs the toilet at their friend's house and says nothing?

  • Whose Google search history would you like to see the most?

  • Who would have the hardest time talking their way out of an insane asylum?

  • Who will become really spiritual after a trip to Asia where they stayed at a 5-star hotel the whole time? ,Who was the oldest when they stopped believing in Santa Claus?

  • Who will marry someone who isn't born yet? ,Who will win the lottery but lose the ticket?

  • Who will get into a fight with an elderly person and lose?

  • Who would be the best partner at trivia night?

  • Who would be your one phone call if you got arrested?

  • Who would survive the longest in a zombie apocalypse?

  • Who would be able to give the best toast right now?

  • Who is first in line for hell?

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