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  • 96 Cards
  • 96 Cards of Picture Problems
  • 96 Cards of Word Mixers
  • 96 Double-Sided Cards of IQ Squares
  • 1 Giant Spinner
  • Instruction Sheet.

Object of the Game

The winner is the first person (or team) to collect 10 cards. Players collect cards by answering questions correctly.

Notes about the Categories:

There are four categories - Brain Bending Conundrums, IQ Squares, Picture Problems, and Word Mixers.

All the categories, with the exception of IQ Squares, have questions on one side and answers on the other side. IQ Squares have questions and answers on both sides (i.e. double the content).


Remove the cards from their card boxes, and place the cards in four piles in the center of the table with the question side facing up. For the IQ Squares cards, it doesn't matter which side is facing up.

There is a time limit of 4 minutes to answer a question. For faster play, you can set a shorter time limit. A shorter time limit must be agreed upon before the game starts.

Game Play

The person (or team) with the highest IQ goes first. This is Player 1.

Player 1 flicks the spinner. If the spinner stops on one of the four categories, Player 1 selects the top card from the appropriate pile and tries to solve the question. If the spinner stops on YOUR CHOICE, Player 1 selects any category they wish.

While Player 1 is working on solving the question, all other players should also be working on solving the question. Why? Because if Player 1 cannot solve the question, other players have a chance to steal the card.

Player 1 should self-check their answer. If Player 1 answers correctly, they keep the card. If Player 1 does not answer correctly, moving clockwise around the table other players have an opportunity to answer the question.

Players have only 15 seconds to guess (not another full 4 minutes). If someone answers correctly, they keep the card. If nobody answers correctly, the card is placed on the bottom of the appropriate pile.

Regardless if the question is answered correctly, play moves clockwise around the table, with the person to the left of Player 1 flicking the spinner next.

Helpful Hint:

Some questions are hard to visualize. You may want to keep some scrap paper and pencils handy - this is allowed. However, calculators and the internet are not allowed. That would be cheating!

End of the Game

The first person (or team) to collect 10 cards wins the game.

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