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Q: If the group has an ability (such as the faded power "Twice") that allows more than 1 prediction during a turn, does each incorrect prediction incur the doom penalty?

A: No. If any of the predictions are correct, the entire prediction is treated as correct.

Q: What if I play a fate in front of an arcana card, but then realize I played illegally?

A: Announce this to your allies. Leave the illegally played fate on the table, discard the fate in your hand, and proceed to the Fade step, skipping the Predict and Resolve steps.

Q: What if I know someone can't have a particular fate because I'm holding the last copy of that token?

A: You may discard your fate to reveal its value to the group and influence their decision. If you don't discard it, you must refrain from directly or indirectly revealing its value, even if this means allowing the group to make a prediction you know is incorrect.

Q: What are the "visible fates" that some powers refer to?

A: A visible fate is any fate that is currently in front of an arcana card with its number showing.

Q: Does doom from an incorrect prediction stack with the doom from arcana cards fading that turn?

A: Yes. Doom advances by 1 for the incorrect prediction, plus another 2 for each card fading.

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