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  • 200 Playing cards
  • 4 Category divider cards
  • 18 Answer cards
  • 32 Score chips
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first player to collect one score chip from, each card category.


  • Pull the Sci or Fi Files box drawer open.

  • Each player takes three answer cards (labeled 1, 2, and 3).

  • Give each player a pencil and some paper.

Game Play

  1. Player 1 draws a card from any category and reads it aloud. Be careful not to show the answers on the back of the card.

  2. All players (including the reader) quietly choose the number they think is correct and place the corresponding answer card face down in front of them. When all players have an answer card on the table, Player 1 turns the card over and reads the answers aloud to reveal which is true or false and why.

  3. Players then turn over their answer cards. All players who answered correctly earn a color- coded score chip for that card's category.

    This player earns 1 purple score chip.

  4. Play continues to the left of Player 1.

Card Types

There are several types of cards within each category.

  • Which statement is true?

    All players guess which of the three statements is t rue. OR

  • Which statement is false?

    All players guess which of the three statements is false.

Risk It! Cards

A player who draws a Risk It! card may choose to play the card solo (not all play) and risk 2 score chips.

To take the risk, the player answers the card drawn. If correct, he or she draws a second card from any category and answers it as well. If both questions were answered correctly, the player earns a score chip from each of those categories.

If either was answered incorrectly, the player must return 2 score chips to the file cabinet. (If he or she has only 1 chip, then only 1 is returned. If the player did not have any chips, then nothing is returned to the box; players do not go into chip debt).

Note j If the second card drawn says "Risk It" or "Must choose...", ignore those designations on the second card only.

If a player does not wish to take the risk, then the player who drew this card may instead choose to play this as a regular all-play card.

Must Choose Cards

Cards that have the words "Must choose_____next". on them tell the next player which category he or she must choose from. For example, Player 1 chooses a card from the UNclassified category, and it says, "Must choose Life Science next".

Player 1 plays this card as normal, but Player 2 must choose the next card from the Life Science category.

Listing Cards

Listing cards require paper and pencil. Each player writes a list and places it face down.

When all answers are down, they are read aloud. The group determines if they are correct or incorrect (there are suggestions on the back to help clarify answers).

All 3 answers must be correct to earn a score chip. You may list more than 3 answers, but beware-you will not get extra score chips for extra answers, and any incorrect answer will lose you the score chip regardless of whether you have 3 correct answers.

End of the Game

The first player to collect 1 score chip from each category wins!

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