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Q: Which is more likely: The Rescue of Machu Picchu or a Spanish Conquest?

A: It is up to the players: If the Incas are working hard and are efficient, it will be easy for them to pay for Priests and Virgins. If they are reluctant to work and take the Moon Tiles early on, a Spanish Conquest is more likely.

As it requires some experience to be efficient, beginners tend to fall victim to a Spanish Conquest more often than experienced players.

Q: Can a city district be used by the same Prince twice in a row?

A: No! If a Prince stays in a district for two conse- cutive turns, the player takes a moon tile. Even paying a llama does not allow use of a district in two consecutive turns.

Q: Can a bonus unit be taken by a player without being present in that district?

A: Yes! It is not necessary to have Incas in that district, or Priests / Virgins of the corresponding temple in order to receive the bonus.

Q: Can players trade goods with each other?

A: No! Players are not allowed to trade with each other. It is also impossible to lend or give away goods in any way. The only possibility for trade is with the bank on the Central Plaza.

Q: Is the number of goods and Sacrifice Cards public knowledge?

A: Yes! The number of goods, Priests, and Virgins a player has is public knowledge, as well as the number of Sacrifice Cards. Only what is printed on the cards is a secret to the other players.

Q: Is it always useful to sacrifice?

A: Players should be careful when sacrificing goods at the Main Temple. In the early days of the game, goods are especially needed to build up the eco- nomy. On the other hand, if players have priests or virgins who can sacrifice a llama, this is usually a gooddecision.

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