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Write the correct punch line or the funniest original punch line and you are one step closer to moving your chicken across the road and winning the game.

However crass, crummy or creative your punch line might be... just write something! The bad answers are part of the fun!


  • Game Board
  • Playing Cards
  • Answer Pad
  • Pencils
  • Die
  • Game Pieces
  • Instructions


Select game pieces and place them on START. Each player takes an answer sheet and a pencil. Place the card box near the board.

Roll the die, high roller goes first.

Game Play

  1. Roll the die and move the number of spaces shown. Fick the next card and read aloud the joke corresponding to the color you land on.

    Try not to look at the other two jokes or the answers on the other side of the card.

  2. Every player (including the roller) writes ONE punch line on their answer sheet. If you know the correct punch line, write it down, if not. write the funniest punch line you can think of. Anything goes!

    • Don't spend time trying to think of the correct punch line. It's much easier to write down whatever pops In your head.

    • There is no correct punch line for the 'Red Category". Simply come up with the funniest end of the joke.

  3. Every player reads aloud their punch line. (Begin with the roller and go clockwise).

    It helps to read the start of the Joke again before players reveal their punch line.

  4. The roller turns over the card and reveals the correct punch line. Any player who wrote the correct punch line advances one space on the board.

    A 'correct' punch line simply must contain a keyword or common idea.

  5. The roller then decides (with the advice of the other players) which original punch line is the funniest.

    The player who wrote the funniest original punch line advances two spaces on the board.

    If all of the original punch lines are flat, the roller can decide not to reward a funniest punch line,

    Also, if two or more original punch lines are funny, the roller can declare a tie and multiple players can advance two spaces. Just be honest and reward creativity!

Play moves clockwise.

The Categories

End of the Game

The first player to reach the WIN space and then write the correct punch line or the funniest original punch line on any turn wins the game.

  • Players do not need an exact roll to land on WIN.

  • After landing on the WIN space, players (on their turn) can choose from any of the three categories before looking at the next card.

Helpful Hints

  • Big Time Reminder - Try not to leave your answer sheet blank and say, 'I can't come up wilh a punch line'. Just write something! The bad answers are part of the fun.

  • TEAM PLAY - If there are more than six players, teams can be formed (no more than, two players per team), just partner up with another player, follow the same rules (one punch line per team), combine brain power and humor, and try not to argue!

  • The roller should not focus on which player is winnlng/losing when choosing the funniest punch line. Reward creativityl

  • Players will collectively decide how long a player has to write a punch line.

  • If you come across a joke that everyone thinks is boring, skip that card and pick the next one.

  • If the game ends quickly, play again. The spaces on the board, the numbering on the die, and the rules were designed so an average game lasts about 15 jokes and 30-45 minutes.

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