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Rookie Game

During your first few games we strongly recommend you ignore the Traps from the Threat cards.

Normal Game

Once you've mastered the game's rules, you can apply the Traps from Threat cards when they appear.

Veteran Game

For expert players, the Trials pile starts at 30 cards. Be brave!

2 Player Game

A virtual player is added: the Chaplain, a Griz- zled card represents him. He gets 3 Support tiles like the other 2 players, and only takes part in the Support role, so he never has a Trial card and can't be Mission Leader.

The Trials pile begins at 20 cards.

The used Speech tokens are returned to the stockpile instead of being removed from the game.

The game plays out normally, except during the Preparation, in which the Support played by the Chaplain is randomly drawn and placed on his Grizzled card. He thus withdraws before going on the Mission.

The Supports played are given to the selected Grizzled. If the Chaplain has the majority, he keeps the Supports, but nothing else happens. For more ambitious challenges, you can, after each victory, increase the initial size of the Tri- als pile by 2 cards. When you reach 30 cards, the victory will grant you the status of Veteran!

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