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Once you are familiar with the game, if you want to take the challenge to the next level, you can use the following variant:

Once the Persuaders have drawn their cards, the Customer takes a third card and looks at the number in the lower right corner (this card has no other use and should be discarded).

Find the special rule that matches that number on the table below. The Persuaders this turn must obey the additional rule! Have fun!

  • Speak with a foreign accent (each Persuader chooses his own)

  • Mimic a famous character (each Persuader chooses his own)

  • Mimic another player at the table (each Persuader chooses his own)

  • Sing and/or speak in rhyme (the Customer chooses the style: rap, folk, opera,..).

  • Speak without using a particular consonant/vowel (the Customer decides which one)

  • Talking like an election rally

  • Talking with your back to the table

  • Talking like a television newscast

  • Talking in a refined or ancient style

  • Using cliches, idioms, slogans, sayings, true and fake proverbs, etc.

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