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Short Haul

For a tighter game, players may only have 6 goods in their truck at a time.

Fresh Start

Shuffle the Distribution Center in with the Location cards so it's placed randomly each game. WAREHOUSE MIX-UP - During set-up, place 3 Native Goods and one of each of the demanded goods at each of the Locations.

Alternate Routes

Each Location card has an advanced variant side, marked with . Players may choose to use any number of these sides during set-up (we recommend four).

The Alternate Routes variant sides contain map features that will affect movement into or out of a Location card from a certain direction.

For instance, with the Roads Closed symbol on the Fort Lee Location card, no player may move from North to South or South to North between Fort Lee and Jericho.


Closed No player may move into or out of this Location card from this direction.

Weigh Station

Players moving in this direction must pay one point for every Cargo Cube above four in their Freight Trailer.

Toll Road

Players moving in this direction must pay one point.

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