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With two players, use the following rules:


  • Use the brown and white starting buildings and emissaries. Both players take the two starting buildings and the two emissaries in their color.

  • Use only decks I and II . Return the unused decks to the box.

  • Use only the 4-, 8-, and 14-value influence cards. Add these cards to deck I, inserting the 4-value card between the fourth and fifth cards, the 8-value card between the eighth and ninth cards, and the 14-value card at the bottom of the deck. Return the unused influence cards to the box.

Game Play

The 2-player game is played over only seven rounds, instead of 14. Both players take two turns during the emissary and action phases.

During the upkeep phase, draw the top two buildings from both decks and place them faceup in front of their respective decks. The offer will consist of four buildings each round.

Note: As with three or four players, all 14 buildings from deck I will be available in the offer over the course of the game.

During the emissary phase, both players take two turns placing emissaries. Starting with the first player, players alternate placing their first emissary on the action strip. Then, in the same order, the players take another turn placing their second emissary.

During the action phase, both players take two turns (because both players have placed two emissaries on the action strip).

The action phases for each emissary are resolved independently; the action phase for one emissary must be entirely resolved before resolving the next action phase, and unused bricks or cogs from one emissary cannot be used by another emissary.

End of the Game

After resolving influence scoring in the seventh round, the game ends. Final scoring is resolved as normal.

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