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  • 13 Snowflake tokens
  • 1 Game board
  • 57 Fairy Garden Cards
  • 4 Jewel Tokens
  • 44 Snowstorm cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

The fairies need your help. Mr. Winter is trying to freeze the garden.

Collect all four colored jewels and place them on the wand before Mr. Winter has placed four Snowflake tokens on one flower. If you can do this, you all win together.


Set out the game board. Place each jewel in the center of its matching flower. Place the Snowflake tokens in a pile near the board.

Shuffle the Fairy Garden cards and place them face down in a pile near the board.

Shuffle the Snowstorm cards and place them face down in a pile near the board. The youngest player goes first and play continues clockwise.

Game Play

On the first turn, each player will draw one card and place it face up, next to the board. This is the start of your hand. If a player draws a Mr. Winter card on the first turn, follow the rules for that card.

Cards are played face up in front of you. If you draw a Fairy, Wand, or Golden Unicorn card, you may be able to perform one Special Action.

You can also choose not to perform an action on your turn. Discard one or more cards if you have more than five cards in your hand. It's now the next player's turn.

If you draw

Mr. winter card - follow these steps in order:
  1. Turn over a Snowstorm card. Place a Snowflake token on the flower of the corresponding color.

    For instance, if the color of the snowflake is purple, place a Snowflake token on the purple flower.

  2. Discard both cards in a discard pile.

  3. Do not perform a Special Action. It is now the next player's turn.

Fairy, Wand, or Golden Unicorn

Follow the Special Actions instructions.

Rainbow Fairy Card

You can use a Rainbow Fairy card like a wild card to take the place of a fairy of any color.

Special Actions

If you draw a Fairy, Wand, or Golden Unicorn you can perform one special action on your turn. But only one if you draw a Mr. Winter card, you cannot perform a special action.

  • Collect a Jewel

    To collect a jewel, one player needs three Fairy cards of the same color from her hand that matches the color of the Jewel she wants to collect. Move the Jewel to the wand and then discard the three Fairy cards.

    In the example above, the three yellow fairies allow you to collect the yellow Jewel.

    Flowers arc not safe from Mr. Winter after you've collected a jewel. They still need to be protected from the frost!

  • Remove a Snowflake Token

    A Wand card in your hand gives you the power to remove one Snowflake token from any flower, as long as you or one of your fellow players has a Fairy card that matches that flower. You can also use a Rainbow card as the matching fairy.

    To remove a Snowflake token, take it from the board, place it back in the token pile, and discard the wand card. Do not discard the Fairy card.

  • Give a Card

    The Golden Unicorn allows you to give any one of your cards-a Fairy, a Wand, or another Unicorn-to another player. You can decide when you want to use it It doesn't have to be played immediately. Talk it over with the other players!

    Once you have given your card, discard the Golden Unicorn.

End of the Game

Place all four jewels on the wand before Mr. Winter freezes any ONE flower completely with four Snowflake tokens and you all win!

The fairy garden is saved! If four Snowflake tokens are on any one flower before all four jewels are on the wand, Mr. Winter has won and the garden is frozen!

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