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Playing with Five Players

The basic sequence of the game does not change with five crew members. But you must be aware that with five players, the game presents a special challenge. Above all, in the later stages of your adventure, it brings an enormous increase in the degree of difficulty. But if you are playing with five players, eternal fame is certain.

All rules apply as previously described, there is only one additional rule for missions with task cards added.

These may be used from mission 25 onwards. As a reminder, all missions from 25 on, where this additional rule applies, have a golden border around their mission numbers.

After you have distributed the playing cards and the task cards and before the first trick starts, one crew member can hand over his or her own task card to another crew member. Decide together who hands over a task card and who should take it on without revealing anything about your cards. You may also use this additional rule in missions 27 and 37.

After handing over the task card, one crew member has one more task and one member has one less than before. The total number of tasks does not change, so you may not place a task back on the stack. You do not have to increase the number of attempts in the logbook by one when you use this additional rule.

Playing with Two Players

The Crew is best when played with a crew of three or more. Nevertheless, you can also explore the infinite vastness of outer space with the following mission structure:

  1. Put the four rocket card aside.

  2. With the rest of the 39 large playing cards, put seven face down in a row, one next to another. Then put an additional seven cards face up in a row on the first seven covered cards.

  3. Shuffle the four rocket in with the remaining cards and distribute these face down and evenly among both of the crew members, so that each has 13 cards.

  4. Each crew member puts a radio communication token with its green side up in front of himself or herself, as well as two reminder cards.

  5. Place the distress signal tokens face down.

  6. Shuffle the 36 small task cards and display them as a face-down stack. Keep the task tokens handy.

When playing with two players, the commander role is also carried out by the player with the four rocket. The tasks of the commander remain unchanged (starts the task selection, starts the first trick, and, if necessary, follows any special rules of the missions).

Additionally, your commander takes over the administration of JARVIS. JARVIS is an artificial intelligence system that will accompany you on your adventure.

It is represented by the double row of 14 cards that offer solutions to each situation. Since JARVIS is an entity without a body, your commander must make decisions for it. JARVIS is treated as a third crew member.

However, during JARVIS' turn to play, your commander always decides which of the open cards should be played in the trick. The second crew member cannot thereby discuss it.

Even when choosing the task cards, your commander will decide which tasks JARVIS will take. Treat JARVIS just like any other crew member and decide where JARVIS should "sit".

Example of JARVIS' play area at the beginning of a mission.

Only the face-up cards from JARVIS can be played. when a face-up card has been played, the card below will be revealed, but only after the completion of the trick and not before.

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