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  • 260 Challenge cards
  • 40 Censored cards
  • 60-Second Sand Timer
  • Game Rules


Separate CHALLENGE and CENSORED cards into two separate decks and place face down.

Divide players into two teams of at least two. There's no limit to how many players can be on each team.

Decide which team takes the first turn.

Game Play

  1. One player from the team is the performer and draws one CHALLENGE card from the deck.

  2. The performer reads the CHALLENGE card silently to themselves. It contains the phrase the performer's team must guess and a definition to help the performer.

  3. The performer now draws one CENSORED card and reads it aloud. This card directs the performer to DRAW, ACT, or SPEAK clues, and includes rules the performer must follow (e.g. must speak - using only ten words or less).

  4. When ready, the timer is flipped. The performer's team has 60 seconds to correctly guess the phrase on the CHALLENGE card based on the performer's clues.

    The opposing team also reads the CHALLENGE and CENSORED cards to make sure the performer adheres to the rules and does not say any of the white words on the CHALLENGE card when speaking.

    • If the team guesses the phrase before time runs out AND without violating the CENSORED card - the team wins the CHALLENGE card!

    • If the team does not guess the phrase before time runs out, then the turn is over.

    • If the performer violates any rules, the turn is immediately over.

  5. Play passes to the next team and they begin their turn.

Rules on performing clues


Performers grab a pencil or pen and piece of paper to draw on.

Performers are not allowed to write words, letters, or numbers.

A performer may not speak or point to non-drawn objects either.


The performer is not allowed to speak or use sign language indicating specific letters or words.

Performers may use sign language for numbers except when the phrase has a number in it (e.g. 69).

A performer may only use something as a prop when required by a CENSORED card.


Performers may not say any of the white colored words in the definition of a CHALLENGE card - as well as any part of the word or phrase being guessed.

Performers are not allowed to gesture or point.

Spelling or intentionally rhyming words is also not allowed.

Wild Cards

When a performer draws a WILD card, the performer searches through the CENSORED card deck and chooses any CENSORED card they wish to perform.

After the new card is chosen, the WILD card is shuffled back into the deck.

End of the Game

The first team to get seven CHALLENGE cards wins!


Cooperative Play

Instead of separating into teams, all players are on the same team. The object of the game is for the team to earn seven CHALLENGE cards. However, the team must earn seven CHALLENGE cards in a row without failing once.

Players take turns as the performer. If the team fails to guess a phrase on any turn, or the performer fails to follow any rules, then the game is over.


This variation requires players to earn twelve cards instead of seven. This variation can be incorporated into normal or cooperative play.


Players must agree on which CENSORED cards they wish to use and remove the rest from the game. These remaining cards become the deck of CENSORED cards from which performers must draw during play.

Uncensored Play

The Uncensored variation requires players to act, speak and draw the dirty meanings, slang and sexual innuendos referred to in each CHALLENGE card.

If a performer performs a "clean" or literal meaning, then the CHALLENGE card is forfeited and play passes to the next team. In other words, naughty behavior is mandatory.

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