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  • 400 White Phrase Cards
  • 58 Red Setup Cards
  • Rules


Place all the white phrase cards and red setup cards face-down on the table in separate piles.

Have each player draw 5 white phrase cards into their hand.

The person known to be the kinkiest will be the first Judge. The Judge starts by selecting a red setup card and reading it out loud to the group.

Game Play

Everyone but the Judge should respond to the setup with their funniest phrase card by placing it face-down on the table.

The Judge shuffles the cards before sharing each answer with the group. For full effect, re-read the red setup card with each answer. Pick the funniest card played, and whoever submitted it wins the round!

End of the Game

The winning player gets the red setup card as a marker for the round. The first player to collect 5 setup cards wins.


Everyone but the Judge, refresh your hand by discarding your least favorite phrase card and drawing two new cards.

A new player becomes the Judge, moving in a clockwise direction.

Tips And Tricks

  • For refreshing your hand, just remember "play one, discard one, draw two".

  • Flip the top of the box and use it to discard all the played phrase cards.

  • If you want to keep going, reshuffle the discard pile and start again.

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