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Have you played a number of exciting and nerve-racking games without allowing yourself to be misled by feelings of incredible fortune - as well as misfortune? Then there are several exciting variants for you to try! The basic rules remain the same, the only differences are as follows:

Variant 1

Position the 32 route cards differently (between the start and finish cards), e.g:

  • First "-1" to "-8", then "+1" to "+8", then the fortune card, and finally "-1" to "-10".

    Put the guards on the plus (+) cards (+1 to +8).

  • You can also put the fortune cards at the end of the course.

    Put the guards on the plus (+) cards (+1 to +8).

  • Shuffle the 32 route cards and then place them randomly, starting at the beginning.

    Put the guards on the fortune cards and on "+8" and "+7".

Variant 2

If you throw a "1", you have 3 choices: you can move one of your figures or one of the cards on by one card, or go back a card, or stay where you are.

Variant 3

When the last figure crosses a route card, instead of taking the card out of the game, place it at the end of the course (in front of the finish card).

Variant 4

As soon as a player crosses the finish card with his last figure, the game is over.

The other players with figures still alone on a route card, can then collect these route cards and calculate their score.

Variant 5

The game is over when the penultimate figure crosses the finish card. The player whose figure is still on the course, collects the highest minus card still on the course (without a guard) and is not allowed to use a fortune card to turn it into a positive card.

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