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  • 11 Left Cards
  • 11 Right Cards
  • 11 Up Cards
  • 11 Down Cards
  • 8 Left/Right Cards
  • 8 Up/Down Cards
  • 5 Gorillas Cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Score the most points by successfully playing direction cards and capturing Priscilla the gorilla.


  • Shuffle the cards and divide them into the same number of draw piles as there are players. The piles don't need to have equal amounts of cards because you can draw from any pile.

  • Place the draw piles face down in the center of the playing area within reach of all players.

  • Sit in a circle around the draw piles. Each player should have an open area where he or she can play cards. (You may want to play on the floor!)

Game Play

The game is played in rounds. To start a round, say together, "Get the Gorilla - Go!" and then begin drawing cards from any pile. NO TAKING TURNS - everyone plays at the same time!

Play direction cards right away! Place cards one after another to the area in front of you to create your own continuous path. (See example on right). Rules for playing direction cards:

  • Your path must follow the arrows on the cards.
  • Your path cannot cross over itself or run into another player's path.
  • You cannot play cards on top of other cards.
  • You cannot go back and change cards you have already played or play cards to the beginning of your path.
  • The Up/Down and Left/Right cards give you a choice of which direction you can go, but once you choose a direction you cannot play off the other.

If you cannot play a card, hold it in your hand and draw another from any draw pile. You can draw as many cards as you want but beware, extra cards left in your hand at the end of a round become your opponent's bonus!

If you draw a gorilla card, you may choose to play it immediately to end the round or take a risk and hold it in order to play down more direction cards first. (The more direction cards you play, the more points you score).

Sample Player Path


A round ends as soon as a player plays a gorilla card next to the last-played direction card in his path and calls, "Thataway!"

All players must immediately stop playing cards and look to make sure that the player's path is continuous and without errors. If someone finds a mistake, the player loses all of his played cards. (Place them in a discard pile - out of play).

Then all players pass any UNPLAYED cards in their hands, INCLUDING any gorilla cards, to the player on their LEFT. All players take all of their played cards and add them to any cards received to form scoring piles. Place scoring piles face up off to the side until the end of the game. (Put any won gorillas on top).

Note: Keep track of how many gorillas have been caught (either on a player's path or passed to another player).

Start a new round according to the above rules when all players are ready.

End of the Game

Continue playing rounds until a fourth Gorilla gets caught either on someone's path or by being passed to another player. This ends the game.

Count the cards in your scoring pile. Score 1 point for every direction card and 5 points for every gorilla. The player with the most points wins.

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