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  • 48 marbles (6 each of 8 different colors)
  • 2 boards
  • 1 shaker

Object of the Game

Fill your board as best as you can by placing sets of three marbles at a time, according to the pattern in the shaker.


Give each player a board along with 24 marbles - three marbles each of the eight different colors. (Place your marbles into the open well of your board). Place the shaker in the middle of the playing area.

Game Play

The first player to name a popular "trio" starts the game. On your turn, shake the shaker and note the pattern created by the three balls.

Then select any three marbles of the same color from your set and place them into your 5x5 grid in the same pattern as the balls in the shaker, as viewed from of any of the four sides. This ends your turn.

Pass the shaker to your opponent.

Note: If you cannot place a set because the pattern won't fit, you must pass your turn. (You cannot just place one or two marbles).

End of the Game

Take turns as above until either:

  1. One player is able to successfully place all of their marbles into their board. Who ever does this first wins the game.

  2. Both players pass turns in succession . When this happens , whoever has placed the most marbles wins. If both players have placed the same amount, the game ends in a tie.


For a different game, try one of these alternate ways to play:

Terzetto Trio

The object of this game is to get as many trios of same-colored marbles as possible on your board. Follow the rules for taking turns matching the pattern in the shaker.

However, instead of placing sets of three same-color marbles, you must select three different colored marbles each turn.

Try to place them so that you're able to form trios of the same color in a row, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The game ends when both players pass their turns. Count up the number of trios and whoever has the most wins.

Terzetto Solo

Use one board and, according to the standard placement rules, see how many games it takes to successfully place all 24 marbles. Then try to beat your record.

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