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Example: The revealed
card shows a 2. Place the
Fire tile accordingly.

In a 2-player game, you add 2 neutral players. In a 3-player game, add 1 neutral player. These neutral players gain Military (as described down below) and their Explorers are present in certain action spaces, but they otherwise do not participate in the game.

After setting the game up as described on pages 2-3, follow these additional steps:

Place a Fire tile on a small action space in each of the 6 rows (adjacent to rounds 1 to 5) by shuffling the 4 Neutral Player cards and revealing them one at a time. Place one Fire tile per row, on the space matching the number on the revealed card (left-to-right, 1 - 4).

Reshuffle the cards to place the 5th and 6th Fire tiles. Clan members cannot be LA* sent to action spaces covered by Fire tiles.

Distribute neutral player Explorers among the actual players. Starting with the first player and going in player order, each player places a neutral Explorer on an unoccupied action space adjacent to the next round, starting with the action spaces adjacent to round 1.

This will continue to round 5, which spans two rows of Territory tiles. In this way, 6 Explorers will be placed for a 3-player game. Repeat this for a 2-player game, so that players have placed 12 neutral Explorers.

Remember: Clan members (including neutral Explorers) cannot be sent to action spaces covered by Fire tiles

Place neutral player Military tokens on the first space of the Military track. Neutral players' Military Strengths are important when sending Explorers to action spaces containing neutral Explorers.

Return any remaining neutral components to the game box; these will not be used.

The following changes to game mechanics apply:

  • At the start of each round, shuffle the 4 Neutral Player cards and reveal one card per neutral player, starting with the weak- est neutral player in a 2-player game. Advance the neutral player Military token(s) that many steps along the Military track. If this is your first game, we recommend leaving the value-4 card out when performing this procedure.

  • In a 2-player game only: At the end of each round when two Territory tiles are turned over, place a Restriction tile on the revealed Crossroads action space.

  • When someone takes the First Player card, the bonus for 4th place (and additionally, in a 2-player game, the 3rd-place bonus) is not awarded.

  • When you Develop your Skills or Travel the Road, you choose which action to take. Both options remain available to the next player to send a clan member to this action space.

  • At the end of the game, take neutral players position(s) into consideration when awarding VP for ranking in Military Strength.

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