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  • 1 Touch TAPPLE wheel
  • 36 Category Cards with 144 Categories
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Name answers for category cards using available letters on the TAPPLE wheel. Be the last player left each round to score the card. Collect three category cards to win!


Pace the TAPPLE wheel right-side up and stack of category cards within easy reach of all players.

Option: For larger groups, you may want to pass the TAPPLE wheel around instead of placing it at the center of the group.

Game Play

Player with the middle initial closest to 'A' goes first, and play proceeds in a clockwise manner. Take a the stack and choose a category for the round.

Player's Choice lets you make up a category for the round.

Note: The Blue/White side has easier categories for younger players, and the Red/Yellow side is more challenging for advanced play.

To start a round, announce the category and tap the timer button in the center of the TAPPLE wheel.

On your turn, you have 10 seconds to name an answer for the category starting with an available letter on the TAPPLE wheel. Press the first letter of your answer, tap the button to reset the timer, and pass the turn.

Letters pressed can no longer be used for the round, so the pressure mounts as letters are eliminated.

Answer Tip:

Creativity and imagination are encouraged when coming up with answers, so don't be afraid to think outside the box.

For example, if the category is CARS & TRUCKS, and you want to use the letter 'J', answers like 'Jetta' or 'Jeep' are acceptable, but answers like 'Jalopy' or 'Junker' should also be accepted!


Players are eliminated from the round if any of the following occur:

  • Fail to complete turn before the 10 second buzzer.

  • Name an answer that doesn't match the category (decided by a majority of the other players) and fail to come up with an acceptable answer in time.

  • Press a letter for an unacceptable answer - so be careful if you are unsure about an answer!

When a player is eliminated, the next player in turn taps the timer to continue the round. Play until only one player remains, collecting the card for that round. To start the next round, choose a new category card and push the release lever to reset the letter keys.


If all the letters are used and more than one player is left, the remaining players continue to play in an overtime round!

Reset the letters and continue with the remaining players now naming two answers for a new category, using two different letters, all within the 10 seconds. Last remaining player scores both cards!

If more than one player can survive overtime, continue with yet another category naming three answers, until one player remains, collecting all the cards for that round.

End of the Game

Continue play until a player collects three cards and wins! For longer games, play to four, five or more!

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