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Q: Are you allowed to play tiles without your own color?

A: Yes.

Q: Does each new tile played have to connect to at least two others?

A: No. This rule only applies to Tantrix Gobble.

Q: What happens if filling a gobble creates another gobble with three links of the same color?

A: The original gobble must not be filled, unless it is during the endgame.

Q: Do players still have a free move if they were unable to fill any gobbles?

A: Yes. Each player always has one free move per turn.

Q: Are you allowed to count the number of tiles left in the bag?

A: Yes at any time, but you may not look at the tiles.

Q: Does the player who takes the final tile from the bag have to obey the three restraints?

A: No. Once the last tile is picked up, the three restraints no longer apply.

Q: After the three restraints are lifted, do gobbles still have to be filled?

A: Yes, always!

Q: After the three restraints are lifted, are double gobbles allowed?

A: Yes. Gobble spaces surrounded by four, five or even six tiles still must be filled if possible.

Q: Does the game end when a player is out of tiles?

A: No. All players must play all their tiles. Players with no tiles simply miss their turn.

Q: If a player forms two loops, can they score them both?

A: No. Only a player's best score (loop or line) counts.

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