• 76 Combo cards (blue background)
  • 34 Action cards (yellow background)
  • 30 minus chips
  • 20 dice (9 blue, 9 orange and 2 red)
  • 1 dice tray
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Score the most points by completing as many Combo cards as possible. To do so, take turns removing one die at a time from the dice tray.

However, watch which dice are still available because if another player takes the dice you need, you may end up with minus points! Whoever collects the most points from completed Combo cards wins the game.


Separate the Combo and Action cards into separate decks. Shuffle each deck and then place them in separate draw piles within reach of all players. (Leave room for discard piles next to them).

Deal each player 4 Combo cards and 1 Action card.

(Keep your cards secret from opponents). Take a moment to familiarize yourself with your Combo cards. (See "Combo Cards" for more details about each card).

Place the dice tray in the center of the playing area. Then, depending on the number of players, put the following combination of dice into the tray:

(Return any extra dice to the box).

Game Play

Take It or Leave It is played in rounds. Whoever has the most recent streak of good luck starts the first round.

  1. To start a round, pick up all of the dice and cast them into the tray.

  2. Beginning with the player who started the round and moving to the left, take turns to either take one die from the tray or pass for the round.

    If you choose to pass, you do not play for the rest of that round. (Lay your cards face down in front of you to indicate that you have passed).

  3. Before taking a die, you may optionally play your Action card. (See "Action Cards" on back for more details). After carrying out the action you may still take a die out of the tray or pass for the round. (Discard the Action card face up to a pile next onto the Action draw pile upon playing).

Combo Cards

Combo cards show which dice are required to complete the combo, as well as the number of points it is worth for completing.

Examples of Combo Cards

Action Cards

When you play an Action card, you may carry out the special action indicated at the bottom of the card. You may only play one Action card per round and only during a turn when you have not yet taken a die or passed.

Generally speaking, Action cards only alter the dice in the tray. They never affect dice already taken by other players.

Examples of Action Cards

End of the Round

Continue taking one die per turn until there are no more dice in the tray or all players have elected to pass. (If you are the last player left in the round, you may continue taking any remaining dice until you want to stop).

At this point all players check their Combo cards to see which ones they were able to complete. (To help with this, place your completed cards face up in front of you and put the corresponding dice onto the cards).


  • Each die must exactly match a die depicted on a Combo card.

  • You may not use a die for multiple Combo cards.

  • You get 1 minus chip for each die that you took but could not use. (At the end of the game this counts as 1 minus point).

  • Wild (red) dice may be used either as orange or blue dice. However, you get 1 minus chip for each wild die you took. (If you took a wild die but could not use it for a combo, you get 2 minus chips).

After all players have checked their cards, place any completed Combo cards face down in front of you to form a score pile.

Start a New Round

All players may optionally discard one of their remaining cards (Combo or Action) and then replenish their hands to 4 Combo cards and 1 Action card. (If either draw pile runs out, shuffle the relevant discard pile to form a new draw pile).

The player to the left of the last player to start a round begins the next round by casting all the dice back into the tray. The round continues as above.

End of the Game

The game ends after each player has started an equal number of rounds:

  • 2 or 3 players - start 3 times
  • 4 players - start twice
  • 5 players - start once

Now all players add up the values of their completed Combo cards and subtract 1 point for each minus chip. Whoever has the highest total wins the game.


At the beginning of a round, draw any combination of Combo and Action cards (not just 4 and 1). However, you may still only have 5 cards total.

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