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  • Slogan Card Deck (209)
  • Hot or Not Deck (77)
  • T-Shirt Card Deck (70)
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Pile up 3000 points worth of Hot or Not Cards, which are awarded each round to the player whose Slogan Card was the best match to the T-Shirt Card.

Game Play

  1. Separate and thoroughly shuffle each of the 3 different card decks, keeping them separate from each other. Place them face down on the table.

  2. The youngest player starts as the judge. The judge deals 3 Slogan Cards face down to each player. Players may look at their own slogans, but should keep them secret from other players.

  3. The judge then picks 1 T-Shirt Card from the deck and places it face up in the center of the table. The other players (NOT the judge), select the funniest, craziest, or wackiest Slogan Card from their hands, which they think best matches the image on the T-Shirt.

    The Slogan Cards should be placed face down next to the T-Shirt Card played.

  4. After all players have played a Slogan Card, the judge mixes them up on the table, so as to not know who played which card. Then one at a time, the judge flips the Slogan Cards over, reads them out loud, and as they're read, places them face up next to the T-Shirt Card.

  5. After presenting all the slogans, the judge then chooses the Slogan Card which creates the funniest, craziest, or wackiest T-Shirt! It's completely up to the judge to decide! (Different players will certainly have different tastes!)

  6. The player who played the winning Slogan Card is declared the winner of the round and draws one card from the Hot or Not Deck. The player reads the Hot or Not Card out loud, telling everyone what the world thinks of the winning shirt and how many points it's worth. (Yeah, points!)

  7. The Hot or Not Card is kept face up in front of the winning player. (This should be the start of a huge collection!) All played Slogan Cards (both the winner and the losers) and the T-Shirt Card from that round are put into discard piles. The Slogan Cards still in players' hands are NOT discarded.

  8. The role of the judge is then passed to the left. The new judge deals out a Slogan Card to the players who only have two Slogan Cards, to bring all players back up to 3 Slogan Cards. Now, a new round begins! Time to stop reading this, and go back to Step 3!

The Booyah Bonus Card

Time to party! If you draw this card from the Hot or Not Deck, you have a choice how to play it. The boring way is to simply keep it and collect 400 points. However, if you want to gamble and make the other players both nervous and jealous, you can use it to "steal" a Hot or Not Card from another player. Booyah!

Here's how it works: First, choose a player you would like to steal a Hot or Not Card from. That player might have the most or most valuable Hot or Not Cards, or may just be on your bad side at the moment.

Regardless, all of that player's Hot or Not Cards are flipped over so they're face down, and shuffled. You randomly pick one, which is now yours to keep and gloat over.

These points are yours, and the Booyah Card is discarded to the bottom of the Hot or Not draw pile. The player you took the card from is left wallowing in their loss, and you're closer to winning!

If the Booyah Card is the first Hot or Not Card drawn in the game OR you simply choose to keep it (and not steal another player's card), just place the Booyah Card in front of you as you would with any other Hot or Not Card, and book 400 points.

The Booyah Card CANNOT be used later in the game to steal, it must be used when first picked up.

End of the Game

Oh yeah, the first player whose Hot or Not Cards add up to 3000 Points is the winner.

The winner can do the dance of joy, but ONLY the winner.

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