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Alternate levels of playing:

Beginner Swish

Players look only for Swishes with 2 cards, not for larger Swishes of 3 or more cards.

The rules otherwise are identical; this version lets beginners get accustomed to the structure of the game as well as the rotation and flipping of the cards.

Mixed Ability Swish

If there are players of varying abilities, you can level the playing field by limiting more experienced players to find only Swishes of three or more cards.

Less experienced players may call Swishes with any number of cards.

Expert Swish

Experienced players may want to move on to the challenge of only 3, 4 or 5 card Swishes.

Players can start at mastering 3 and then move up from there. The rules are identical to the basic game - simply eliminate Swishes of fewer cards.

Solitaire Swish

A solitaire game enables a player to reach higher levels of proficiency and concentration. Using the basic game rules, try making as many Swishes as possible as quickly as possible.

Set a stopwatch so that you can try to beat your time on the next game! If at any time you feel that no Swish exists, replace 4 out of the 16 cards with new cards from the deck. Have fun making Swishes until you can't find any more!

As you get more advanced, limit yourself to making Swishes with only three cards, then four cards. You can make a Swish with up to 12 cards, but it's tricky!

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