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The game is played over 3 rounds. During a round, each player selects dice one at a time from their conveyor belt to keep on their tray. After each selection, the conveyor belts move around the table and all the dice are re-rolled.

When all dice have been taken, the round ends and players score their dice. Whoever has the highest score after 3 rounds wins.


  • 40 scoring tokens
  • 30 dice
  • 20 pudding tokens
  • 18 menu tokens
  • 12 chopsticks tokens
  • 5 conveyor belts
  • 5 trays
  • 1 dice bag


  1. Each player takes a tray and places it face-up in front of them. This is where you will store the dice you collect. (It also features a guide of dice sides and how scoring works). Return unused trays to the box.

  2. Separate all of the tokens by type (chopsticks, menu, pudding, scoring) and place each in a pile in the center of the table.

  3. Each player takes 2 chopsticks and 3 menu tokens from the supply. (Tokens are kept beside each player's tray, visible to everyone).

  4. Select a number of conveyor belts equal to the number of players. Make sure to include the red-bordered conveyor belt among them.

    Shuffle them face-down and deal 1 randomly to each player. (Turn them face-up in front of you). Return unused conveyor belts to the box.

  5. Place all the dice into the dice bag and give them a shake. Then each player takes dice randomly from the bag and places them on their conveyor belt (for now it does not matter which faces are showing).

    The number of dice depends on the number of players in the game, as follows:

Game Play

To start a round, all players pick up all the dice on their conveyor belts and roll them on the table.

Then, everyone places their dice back on their conveyor belts without changing their faces.

Everybody Takes a Turn

The player who has the red-bordered conveyor belt goes first, then play moves to the left until each player has had a turn.

On your turn, perform the following 2 steps in order:

  1. Use any number of menu and/or chopsticks tokens.


    Menu: First, return 1 of your menu tokens to the supply. Then pick up any number of dice from your conveyor belt and re-roll them on the table. Place them back on the conveyor belt as rolled.

    Chopsticks: First, return 1 of your chopsticks tokens to the supply. Then choose any 1 die on any other player's conveyor belt and swap it with any 1 die on your conveyor belt, without changing either's face.

    Important: You may never swap dice in another player's tray.

    Note: You may use menus and chopsticks in any order and any number of times, provided you have tokens to spend.

  2. Choose 1 die to keep.


    Move it from your conveyor belt to your tray without changing its face. This die will score for you at the end of the round.

    Pudding: If you take a pudding die, you also immediately take pudding tokens from the center, equal to the number of pudding icons on that die. Keep pudding tokens beside your tray, visible to everyone.

    Menus or Chopsticks: If you take a die showing either menu or chopsticks icons, you also immediately take tokens corresponding to the type and number of icons on the die. Keep tokens beside your tray, visible to everyone.

    Note: There is no limit to the number of tokens you may have. In the rare case that the tokens run out, take what's available.

    Nigiri and Wasabi: If you choose a nigiri die and already have a die showing a wasabi on your tray, you must place the nigiri die on top of that die.

    Note: Only 1 nigiri die can go on top of each wasabi. If you have multiple dice showing wasabi, it makes no difference which one gets the nigiri.

Slide and Roll

Once everyone has taken a turn, if there are any dice left on the conveyor belts, then all players simultaneously slide their conveyor belts (and the dice on them) to the player on their left and re-roll all of the dice just passed to them as they did at the start of the round.

The player who now has the red-bordered conveyor belt is the new starting player, and each player takes another turn.

Repeat the above cycle until there are no dice left on the conveyor belts. Then the round ends and it's time to score!

Scoring a Round

At the end of each round, all players score the dice they have collected in their trays . Each player looks at all the faces showing on their dice and takes scoring tokens equal to the points they scored.

Appetizers: dumpling, tempura and sashimi icons score as follows:

Maki Rolls: Any players with maki rolls compare the number of maki roll icons they have. The player with the most scores 6 points.

The player with the second most scores 3 points. If multiple players tie for any place, they all receive the full points.

Example: Andrew and Chris each have 4 maki roll icons, Karen and Meredith each have 3. Andrew and Chris both score 6 points , Karen and Meredith both score 3.

Nigiri: Each egg nigiri is worth 1 point, salmon is worth 2 points, and squid is worth 3 points.

Nigiri on wasabi: A nigiri die on top of a wasabi die is tripled in value.

Appetizers: dumpling, tempura and sashimi icons score as follows:

Note: You may score multiple sets of any of these icons.

Example: Chris has 4 tempura icons and 2 sashimi icons, so he scores17 points (10 for the first set of tempura, 1 for the second set of tempura and 6 for the set of sashimi).

Specials: Wasabi icons without nigiri dice on them score nothing. Pudding, chopsticks and menu tokens only score at the end of the game.

Starting a New Round

Place all of the dice back in the bag and shake them up. All players then randomly take the same number of dice as at the start of the previous round, and place them on their conveyor belts. You're now ready to start the next round!

Important: In a 3 player game only, all players slide their conveyor belts to the left at the end of the round.

With all other player counts, the conveyor belts stay where they are after the final turn of the round. This ensures that the start player changes for the next round.

End of the Game

At the end of the third round, it's time for the final scoring!

All players compare the number of pudding tokens they have collected. The player with the most scores 6 points.

The player with the fewest (including 0) loses 6 points. If multiple players tie for the most or fewest, they all receive or lose the full points. Take or return the corresponding points tokens from/to the supply.

Example: Andrew and Chris each have 6 pudding tokens, Karen and Meredith each have 0. Andrew and Chris both score 6 points, Karen and Meredith both lose 6 points.

Important: In a 2 player game, the player with the fewest puddings does not lose 6 points.

Each player also receives 1 point for every set of 2 unused menu and/or chopsticks tokens (any combination) they have remaining.

Count up your scoring tokens and whoever has the most points wins. In case of a tie, the player with the most pudding tokens wins.

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