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Welcome to Sushi Go Party! You are dining à la carte at a deluxe sushi feast.

Before you eat, you must first create your own menu from a wide variety of delectable options. Then try to score the most points over three rounds by grabbing the best combination of cards before they whiz by!


  • 181 Cards + 22 Menu Tiles + 8 Pawns + 1 Game Board
  • nigiri
  • sushi rolls
  • appetizers
  • specials
  • desserts


  1. Place the game board in the center of the playing area.

  2. Each player chooses a player color and places their corresponding pawn on or near the 0 space of the game board.

  3. The first time you play, divide the cards according to type and place each type in a slot in the box.

  4. Together, decide which cards to use in this game. See "Card Selections".

  5. Find the menu tiles that correspond to the chosen cards and place them into their appropriate slots on the game board. These tiles allow everyone to see at a glance which cards are in play and how they work.
    Note: When playing with maki rolls in a 6-8 player game, flip its menu tile over to show the 6-8 player game scoring.

  6. Shuffle the chosen dessert cards and place them in a face-down pile to one side of the board.

  7. Take all the other chosen sets of cards and shuffle them together to form a face-down deck which is also placed near the board.

Card Selections

In Sushi Go Party! you choose what's on the menu for each game! Different combinations will make the game feel very different.

Choose from one of the following:

My First Meal

A mellow menu that goes down easy for first time players.

Sushi Go

The classic menu from the original game.

Party Sampler

Taste what's new in Sushi Go Party!

Master Menu

For seasoned Sushi Go! players who want to think!

Points Platter

Score big points!

Cutthroat Combo

Interactive and in your face!

Big Banquet

Works well with 6-8 players.

Dinner For Two

Works well with 2 players.

Create Your Own Menu

Pick your own card combination to play with!

You can play with any combination of cards you like. Just make sure your game is made up of the following:

  • Nigiri cards are used in every game.
  • 1 type of rolls.
  • 3 types of appetizers.
  • 2 types of specials.
  • 1 type of dessert.

Important: menu and special order may not be used in a 7-8 player game.

Spoon and edamame may not be used in a 2 player game.

Starting A Round

A game of Sushi Go Party! takes place over 3 rounds. Before each round, shuffle a group of face-down dessert cards into the main deck based on this table:

Round 15 dessert cards7 dessert cards
Round 23 dessert cards5 dessert cards
Round 32 dessert cards3 dessert cards

(In a 2-5 player game, the extra 5 dessert cards are not used).


Place the remaining cards in a face-down deck beside the game board. Take your cards into your hand, secret from other players. Play now begins!

Playing A Turn

Turns in Sushi Go Party! happen simultaneously. Each player chooses 1 card in their hand that they would like to keep and places it face-down in front of them. When all players have done this, everyone reveals their chosen cards by turning them face-up.

After revealing cards, pass your remaining hand face-down to the player on your left. (In this way, each hand will move clockwise around the table). Pick up this new hand and the next turn begins. (You will have a smaller hand to choose from).

Note: Face-up cards remain with you until the end of the round, when they are scored. As you accumulate cards, group them together in columns of the same color.

Special Card Actions

Most cards score at the end of a round, but there are a few that have special rules that may affect the current turn:

Chopsticks and spoon cards allow you to perform a bonus action on any turn after the turn in which the card is originally played. To use a bonus action card, simply call out the name of the card as all players are revealing the cards during a turn.

After all players have played their chosen cards as normal, the called out action then takes effect. Bonus actions happen before players pick up the hand of cards from their right neighbor to begin the next turn. See the Card Guide for more details about how each card works.

Important: If multiple bonus actions are used in the same turn and/or if multiple menus or takeout boxes are played in the same turn, the order in which these cards are used is indicated by the small number in the lower-right corner of the card. The lowest number goes first, and then the others follow in ascending order.

Ending A Round

When all of the cards have been played and everyone's hand is empty, the round is over. First, place any dessert cards off to your side. (Keep them there until the end of the game, which is when they are scored. The strawberry icon in the lower-left corner of all the dessert cards is a reminder of this).

Next, score all the other cards you have played this round. Each card type scores in a different way, as described in the "Card Guide". Move your pawn along the score track on the game board, showing how many points you scored in the round.

All cards, except for played dessert cards, are then collected and re-shuffled together. (Remember to add in a new set of dessert cards, according to the round). Start the next round, which plays just like the previous.

End of the Game

When you have played 3 rounds, the game is over. In addition to regular scoring, be sure to also score your dessert cards, as described in the "Card Guide".

Whoever has the most points is the winner!

If there is a tie, the player with the most dessert cards wins.

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