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  • 72 cards
  • 9 Super Tooth tokens
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Collect matching sets of plant eating dinosaurs, which you will exchange for Super Tooth tokens.

All along, chase away Meat-Eaters and resolve events that may change the outcome of your turn.

The first to collect 3 Super Tooth tokens (3-4 players) or 5 tokens (2 players) wins.


The first time you play, take a moment to become familiar with the three types of cards in the deck - Plant-Eaters, Meat- Eaters and Events.

Then shuffle the deck and stack it face down in the center of the playing area to form a draw pile.



These cards are good! Identified by the green background color, collect sets of Plant-Eaters to exchange for Super Tooth tokens.


These cards are bad! Identified by the steak icon in the top left corner, they stop you from collecting Plant Eaters. The type of dinosaurs they eat is indicated in the top right corner.


Identified by the footprint symbol and yellow background, these cards have various effects on the game. Events must be resolved first, even before Meat-Eaters. See "Event Cards" for more details.

Super Tooth Landscape

Game Play

The player who last visited a museum goes first and play continues to the left. On each turn, follow this sequence in order:

  1. Reveal cards from the draw pile until there are 3 cards face up in the Landscape.
  2. Resolve Event cards.
  3. Resolve Meat-Eater cards.
  4. Collect 1 or more matching Plant-Eater card(s).
  5. Optionally, discard matching sets of Plant-Eaters from your hand for Super Tooth tokens.

Note: On the first turn of the game, the starting player will always reveal 3 cards. On subsequent turns, you may only need to reveal 1or 2 as there may already be cards from the previous player's turn.

Resolving Event Cards

Each Event card has a unique resolution. In the case of multiple Event cards, the active player decides the order of resolution.

Resolving Meat-eater Cards

If one or more Meat-Eater cards is present in the Landscape, you have 3 options:

  1. Feed it:

    Choose a Plant-Eater card either from the Landscape or from your hand that matches the Plant-Eater icon on the upper right corner of the Meat-Eater card and discard both cards.

    Then continue your turn. Do not replace cards in the Landscape.

  2. Chase it away with a Triceratops:

    Triceratops have the special ability to chase away Meat-Eaters. Choose a Triceratops card either from the Landscape or from your hand and discard both cards.

    Then continue your turn. Do not replace cards in the Landscape.

  3. Ignore it:

    If you can't feed or chase away the Meat-Eater(s) because there's not a matching Plant-Eater available, or you choose not to feed or chase, discard all remaining cards from the Landscape. This ends your turn.

Collecting Plant-eaters

When there are no Event or Meat-Eater cards in the Landscape, you may take one or more Plant-Eater card(s) from the landscape as follows:

  • Take any 1 Plant-Eater card OR

  • Take 2 or 3 matching Plant-Eater cards.

Note: Keep your collected cards secret from opponents. No hand limit.

Collecting Super Tooth Tokens

After you have collected one or more Plant-Eaters from the Landscape, you may discard them for Super Tooth tokens according to the following guide:

If you have:

Event Cards

Egg: Replace the Egg card in the Landscape with any card from the discard pile (Plant-Eater, Meat-Eater or Event card), or the top card from draw pile. Discard the Egg card.

Active player continues turn.

Quetzalcoatlus: Replace the Quetzalcoatlus card in the Landscape with a card randomly drawn from a player's hand (active player's choice) or the top card from draw pile.

Discard the Quetzalcoatlus card. Active player continues turn.

Tyrannosaurus Rex: All players give all cards from their hands to active player.

Active player shuffles all players' cards (including active player's) and deals them back out evenly, starting with the player to left of active player. Discard T-Rex card. Active player continues turn.

Hot Sun: Place the Hot Sun card above the Landscape and then reveal additional cards until there are 4 in the Landscape. While Hot Sun is in play, all players will reveal up to 4 cards (instead of 3) on their turns.

Discard Hot Sun at the end of a turn when Volcano or Asteroid appears in the Landscape.

Volcano: Player to the left of active player selects one card in the Landscape to be consumed by the volcano. Discard selected card and Volcano. Active player continues turn.

At end of active player's turn, discard all cards in the Landscape and shuffle the discard and draw piles together to form a new draw pile.

Asteroid: All Plant-Eater and Meat-Eater cards in the Landscape are banished for the rest of the game. (Place them back in the box). Place Asteroid (and Hot Sun if present) in the discard pile.

Active player starts turn over by revealing over 3 new cards from the draw pile into Landscape.


  • When you exchange cards for Super Tooth tokens, place the used cards into the discard pile.

  • You cannot exchange cards if you did not collect a Plant-Eater card during your turn.

  • If the draw pile runs out at any time during the game, shuffle the discard pile and make a new draw pile.

End of the Game

The first player to collect 3 Super Tooth tokens (3-4 players) or 5 tokens (2 players) wins.

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